Colorful Necklace with Owl Pendant
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Colorful Necklace with Owl Pendant

For extra impact add the second bronze leaf necklace bottom to the necklace top in the same location you added the first necklace bottom. No tools required.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • {styled} Boho Necklace Top Link Chain, Medium – Bronze
  • {styled} Boho Necklace Bottom – Multi-chain and Color
  • {styled} Boho Necklace Bottom – Bronze Leaves
  • {styled} Boho Connectors – Bronze
  • {styled} Boho Pendant – Owl

Project Instructions

Start by taking your necklace top half and disconnect at the clasp.

Using only the necklace top side with the lobster clasp, connect it to one end loop of a colorful necklace bottom.

On the other side, connect the necklace top end loop to the other necklace bottom end loop with a bronze S-hook.

Take a second bronze S-hook and attach the owl pendant down a little further on the necklace bottom chain.