Compact Car Blanket
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Compact Car Blanket

Dreading your next road trip? Stay cozy warm no matter how cold your fellow travelers like the AC.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Lion Brand® Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Yarn – Fisherman (A), Sky Blue (B; 2 Balls), Grass (C; 2 Balls) or Colors of Choice
  • Lion Brand® Circular Knitting Needle, Size 13 (9mm), 29" (73.5cm) Long
  • Lion Brand® Stitch Markers
  • Large-Eyed Blunt Needle
  • Buttons, 1¼" (32mm) Diameter (2)
  • Scissors

Project Instructions

beg = begin(ning)
k = knit
pm = place marker
p = purl
rep = repeat
RS = right side
sm = slip marker
st(s) = stitch(es)
St st = Stockinette st
WS = wrong side

1. Blanket, including borders, is knit in one piece.
2. Blanket is worked in Stockinette st (k on RS, p on WS), with 4 sts at the beginning and end of each row worked in Garter st (k every row) for borders. Stitch markers are used to separate the border sts.
3. A circular needle is used to accommodate the large number of sts. Work back and forth on circular needle as if working on straight needles.
4. Straps are knit separately and are used to secure Blanket when it is rolled for storage.

With A, cast on 75 sts.
Working back and forth in rows on circular needle, work in Garter st (k every row) for 5 rows for border.
Next Row: K4 (for Garter st border), place marker (pm), k to last 4 sts, pm, k4 (for Garter St border).
Change to B.
Row 1 (RS): Knit, slipping markers as you come to them.
Row 2 (WS): K4, slip marker (sm), p across to last 4 sts, sm, k4.
Rows 3-10: Rep Rows 1 and 2.
Change to C.
Rows 11-20: Rep Rows 1 and 2.
Change to A.
Rows 21-26: Rep Rows 1 and 2.
Rep Rows 1-26 two more times.
Rep Rows 1-20 one more time.
Change to A and work 6 rows in Garter st for border.
Bind off.

STRAPS (make 2)
With B, cast on 5 sts. Knit 3 rows.
Next row: K2, yo, k2tog (buttonhole made), k1.
Continue in Garter st until piece measures 18 in. (46cm) from beg. Bind off.
Sew a button to end of each Strap, opposite buttonhole.

Weave in ends.


SIZE: About 30"x32" (76cm x 81cm) GAUGE: 10 sts = 4" (10cm) in St st (k on RS, p on WS). BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR GAUGE.