Martha Stewart Crafts™ Liquid Gilding - Copper
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Martha Stewart Crafts™ Liquid Gilding - Copper

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Martha Stewart Crafts™ Liquid Gilding is a one-step leafing paint that gives a rich metallic luster to projects. 


On what types of surfaces can it be used?

Liquid gilding can be used on wood, papier-mâché, tin, glass, ceramics, paper, terra cotta, canvas, and plaster. However, porous surfaces such as terra cotta and plaster should be sealed first.

The paint has separated, can I still use it?

Settling is normal. Before using, stir product thoroughly until color is uniform.

How should I apply it?

Use a soft bristled brush, stroking in one direction, using light pressure. Let dry one hour between applications.

 Is liquid gilding safe to use outdoors?

Use indoors only. Outdoor elements will tarnish and dull the metallic finish

.Do I need to seal liquid gilding?

Once thoroughly dry, projects should be sealed with Martha Stewart Crafts Gloss Enamel Finish Spray for protection and to maintain tarnish-resistance. Very lightly spray surface and allow 60 seconds before spraying a medium application to seal; let dry.

How should I clean my brushes?

Liquid Gilding is solvent-based, so clean up with either nail polish remover or enamel paint thinners found in hardware stores (xylene or toluene).

Can I use near a burning candle?

Liquid gilding is highly flammable and should never be used when smoking or near an open flame. Always use with adequate ventilation.

What should I do if it’s on me?

Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Immediately remove any gilding with nail polish remover. Wash affected area with soap and water, then dry.

What should I do if I get it in my eyes?

Rinse immediately with water, and then flush with tap water for 15 minutes. Contact a physician if irritation persists

.Is it harmful if swallowed?

Yes. If ingested, immediately obtain medical attention or contact the poison control center at 1-800-222-1222 (in the U.S.). Keep out of reach of children.


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