Cotton Bloom “Easter Bunny Egg”
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Cotton Bloom “Easter Bunny Egg”

Create this whimsical collection of Easter Eggs using Die Cuts with a View® Cotton Bloom Stack. This advanced project makes the perfect Easter décor. Designed by Kathy Dobson and Celeste Crockett for Die Cuts with a View®.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Die Cuts with a View® Cotton Blossom Stack
  • Large Assorted plastic eggs
  • Black vinyl
  • Craft knife
  • Fine-tipped black permanent marker
  • Small green bead
  • Glue gun
  • Sand paper

Project Instructions

Create a base for the bunny by cutting a 1”x 12” strip of cardstock. The bunny will sit on the base to avoid it from toppling over.

Bend cardstock strip in a circular shape and adhere. Cut off excess paper.

Cut out two ear shapes and centers from yellow and pink cardstock.

Using the egg to measure size, cut a rectangle piece of cardstock to create a skirt. Fold the paper about every inch to create pleats.

Cut a thinner strip of cardstock (½”x 6”) to create a belt. Cut off excess paper. Adhere pleated skirt to belt and then adhere to bunny.

Create a small rose by wrapping a thin strip of pink cardstock in a circular shape and adhere to center of belt. Adhere small green bead to center of rose.

Cut out scalloped strips from cardstock to create suspenders and adhere. 8. Draw bunny face with marker.


To create an easier surface to glue paper onto, lightly sand plastic eggs. Be careful not to sand surfaces that you will NOT be gluing paper onto (for example, the chick and bunny faces). If you would like the eggs to be able to open and close, be careful not to glue the eggs shut while creating projects.