Craft Pumpkins: Ready To Harvest At Your Local Michaels Store

It's that time of year again: the kids are back in school, the weather's getting cooler, and your local Michaels store is filled to the rafters with foam pumpkins.

  • Craft pumpkins are available in all Michaels stores. We've got them in several sizes, from pint-sized to large as life. Check the seasonal area of your local store for large grid bins filled to overflowing with pumpkins in every size---but hurry, because these guys sell out quickly!
  • Craft pumpkins are hollow inside, which makes them ideal containers for floral arrangements. Just cut a hole in the top or side, glue a brick of floral foam inside and you're ready do go.
  • Craft pumpkins can be carved just like the real thing. The interior foam is the same color as a fresh pumpkin, so the effect is very realistic. Use a sharp knife, and go slowly. Exercise the same caution you would when carving a real pumpkin.
  • Craft pumpkins can be painted with regular acrylic paints. Try a fall scene or a few ghosts around the outside.
  • If your pumpkin feels a little light, or your arrangement feels as though it might blow over, try adding sand or a few river rocks to the interior for weight.

Want More Craft Pumpkin Ideas?

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