Loops & Threads™ Bling It! Criss Cross Needlepoint Necklace
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Loops & Threads™ Bling It! Criss Cross Needlepoint Necklace

Using Loops & Threads™ Bling It! Criss Cross Needlepoint Necklace kit, you can create a fun necklace to wear!
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Loops & Threads™ Bling It! Kit
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Large Blunt Needle
  • Small Sharp Needle
  • Plastic Canvas

Project Instructions

Measuring the Canvas
Plastic canvas is measured by counting the lines in the canvas. These lines are called “threads”. The canvas shown here is 6 threads wide & 7 threads high. 

Stitch Guide (click on "download pattern" button on bottom right)
Stitches come up at 1 and all odd numbers and go down at 2 and all even numbers.

Long Stitch 
Also called a “Gobelin Stitch”, this is a basic straight stitch that spans a number of canvas threads rather than intersections. It can be stitched either across or down.

Overcast Stitch
This stitch is used to cover the outside edge of the canvas or to join two pieces together. You may have to go in and out of the same opening in order to completely cover the edges, especially in the corners. Cross diagonally over the top of the plastic canvas.

Cut a 14 x 14 piece of canvas.

Cut a piece of  floss to 36 inches. Thread blunt needle by bringing needle to center of  36” strand & fold floss in half.

Stitch on the canvas using long stitches, following chart below, changing floss colors where indicated.

After stitching the entire background, rethread needle with floss and stitch around outer edges using overcast stitches following the colors on the chart. You may have to go around a few times to completely cover edges.

For the criss-cross, cut a 16 inch strand of pink floss. Thread needle by bringing floss through to the center of the strand so that you have two equal lengths hanging from the needle. Come up through the top corner of the pendant and cross over to the opposite bottom corner.  Repeat in the opposite direction to create an “X” over the center of the pendant. Tie off floss on back and trim excess.

Use a small needle and floss to attach a bead to the middle of the “X”.

To make the necklace stings, cut 4 strands of floss to 40 inches.

Thread the strands through the back of the backstitches near the top of the canvas and tie a knot.

Use a small needle and floss to attach the beads at the top and bottom of the pendant.

Make sure necklace is desired length before tying a knot in the end and trimming.


Tip: If you need to add more floss, simply run loose ends behind stitches on back side – re-thread needle, and continue stitching.