Crystal Cascade Earrings
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Crystal Cascade Earrings

Beautiful clear crystals with crisp sterling silver chain and framework give these earrings formal style and grace with a modern edge. The look is not too traditional and not too casual; a fun fringe of chain makes for flirty movement that is both flattering and very easy to wear.

Designed by Cousin®

Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Crystazzi 6mm Crystal Twisted Rounds, 12 Pieces
  • Crystazzi 4mm Crystal Bicones, 10 Pieces
  • Sterling Elegance 4mm Open Jump Rings, 22 Pieces
  • Sterling Elegance Head Pins, 20 Pieces
  • Sterling Elegance Lever Earrings, 2 Pieces
  • Sterling Elegance Small Rope Toggles, Circle Ends only, 2 Pieces
  • Sterling Elegance 18” Circle Link Necklace, 1 Package
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

Project Instructions

Thread the circle half of a toggle onto each lever earring to create the base form.

Cut 4 sets of the following lengths of chain: 6 links, 8 links, 10 links, 12 links and 14 links.

Cut 2 sets of the following lengths of chain: 16 links.

Lay the chains out into two sets that form graduated groups of 11 chains with the longest chain in the centers and shortest chains on the outside. Use a 4mm jump ring to connect each chain in this order to each large twisted circle.

One set of needle nose pliers can be used to hold the ring while a second set can give you precise leverage to open the loop. The pieces are usually so small it is difficult to hold securely with just soft fingers. Loops should be opened and closed by moving the seam end to the side, a twisting motion (think how a paper clip slides open – the shape is not distorted). If you open going against the curve of the circle it is difficult to get the circle to meet properly again to make a secure connection and the wire is more likely to break.

Use a wrapped loop to attach the drops to the chain.

The process of making a wrapped loop begins by threading your selected beads onto a head pin. Leave a small gap beyond the last bead for 2-3 wire coils. Bend the wire into a 90 degree angle and bend back against the angle to form a round loop. Leave the tail end out straight and uncut. Thread the tail onto a chain link until the loop now sits directly on the chain. Use needle nose pliers to tightly wrap the tail around the base of the loop 2-3 times to form a small coiled stack above the last bead. Trim the excess wire as close as possible and press any sharp end down towards the wrap.

Use twisted rounds for the bottom of the 5 longest chains of each earring. Continue using wrapped loops to attach 6 bicone drops above the twisted round drops. The bicones should be placed in the middle links of the remaining chains so they are not dangling at the very ends and now all chains should be have a dangle.


Refer to photo for project details.