Crystal Cluster Necklace
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Crystal Cluster Necklace

Crystal and silver combine for an airy playful design in this elegant cluster pendant necklace. The swags of chain on each side add an heirloom appeal while the channel framed crystals along the neckline are a modern chain style ending in a dramatic crystal focal point. This necklace will take some patience, but the techniques are still basic so this is a challenge well worth your while! Designed by Halcraft USA, Inc.
Craft Time: varies
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Material List

  • Crystal Channels, 16 Pcs.
  • 6mm Crystal Bicones, 29 Pcs.
  • 3mm Silver Rounds, 13 Pcs.
  • Silver Head Pins, 13 Pcs.
  • Silver Eye Pins, 16 Pcs.
  • Open Jump Rings, 4mm, 38 Pcs. (channels may come with jump rings attached)
  • Open Jump Ring, 6mm, 1 Pc.
  • Silver Adjustable Chain, 2-inch
  • Silver Lobster Clasp, 1 Pc.
  • Silver Oval Linked Chain, 12-inch (clasp comes on chain)
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Ruler

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Begin by creating the beaded links that will become the sides of the necklace. Make sure each channel crystal has a 4mm jump ring on each side of it. These will be used to make connections later. 16 channels will need to be prepared. Thread a 6mm bicone onto an eye pin and finish with a top loop.

Step: 2

Create a top loop by trimming the pin approximately ¼-inch beyond the top bead. Using your round nose pliers, bend the wire to form a right angle at the top of the crystal bead. Use the end of your pliers to grasp the end of the wire and going against the bend you just made, curve the wire using a twist of your wrist to roll the wire over a single prong (think of the twisting motion you use with a screwdriver). Let the round cone of the pliers create the round loop. You may have to release the wire and continue the rolling motion a little further down the wire to complete the circle. Don’t worry if the circle doesn’t look perfect, the shape can be finessed a little using your pliers to make minor corrections. Note: A wrapped loop can also be used in this instance to make the final chain stronger. Instead of trimming the wire and completing the loop, the piece will need to first be linked to the next component (a channel jump ring in this case). Form a loop with the round nose plier, hook the pin through the jump ring, and then wrap the excess wire around until you meet the top of the crystal bead (probably 2 to 3 loops will form). Any excess wire is then trimmed and pliers can be used to press the sharp end inward to the coil so it doesn’t snag clothing or skin.

Step: 3

16 crystal bicone links will be needed to form the chain.

Step: 4

Carefully open and close rings to connect an alternating pattern of crystal bicone links and channels until you have 2 chain sides, each with 8 bicones and 8 channels linked together. Rings and loops should be opened and closed by moving the open end to the side, a twisting motion (think how a paper clip slides open - the shape is not distorted). If you open going against the curve of the circle it is difficult to get the circle to meet properly again to make a secure connection and the wire is more likely to break.

Step: 5

Use a 4mm jump ring to form the center link between the 2 side chains. Use another 4mm jump ring to attach the lobster claw clasp to one side ending and also attach the 2 inch adjustable chain to the other side ending.

Step: 6

To make the bicone crystal drops, thread a 6mm bicone and a 3mm silver bead onto a head pin and finish with a simple top loop. Make 13 of these drops. Carefully open and close the top loop to place one drop at the end of the adjustable chain in the back.

Step: 7

Link 3-4mm jump rings together to form a small “Y” chain from the center 4mm jump ring.

Step: 8

Use a 6mm jump ring to connect the large crystal drop to the last 4mm jump ring.

Step: 9

Connect 2 bicone drops on each side of the 4mm rings going down to the large crystal drop. (4 bicones total on 3-4mm rings; none on the top 4mm ring or the bottom 6mm ring.)

Step: 10

Cut 2-6 inch pieces of silver oval chain. Carefully open rings to attach them on each side of the center 4mm jump ring and after the 5th crystal bicone link on each side.


Refer to photo to complete project. Follow manufacturer's directions for all products used.