Crystal Rainbow Bracelet
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Crystal Rainbow Bracelet

Make this elegant, rainbow-inspired bracelet using Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements™.

Designed by Michell Smith.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements™ Bicone, 4mm – Rose, Amethyst , Capri Blue and Olivine
  • Create your Style with Swarovski Elements™ Bicone, 6mm – Light Rose, Rose, Indian Pink, Fuchsia, Hyacinth, Amethyst, Purple Velvet, Capri Blue, Blue Zircon, Fern Green, Olivine and Light Topaz
  • Curb Chain, Medium
  • Lobster Claw Closure
  • Jump Rings, 6mm (30)
  • Jump Rings, 4mm (100)
  • Ball Head Pins (100)
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Flush Cutters

Project Instructions

Start by cutting three sections of chain, approximately 7¼" each. Lay chain sections flat and next to each other, stacking the sections vertically. Connect the chains together with jump rings, to create one piece of chain. Use approximately twelve of the 6mm jump rings to connect the three chains together.

Lay out the crystals in a color plan that will create a rainbow, going from Light Rose to Light Topaz in the middle and then reverse back to Light Rose.

Create dangles by placing the crystals on head pins. Using one 6mm or a 6mm and 4mm crystal, thread crystal(s) onto head pin. Use chain nose pliers to bend wire to a 90° angle. Use flush cutters to trim head pin to about ¼" from the bend. Use round nose pliers to grip the end of the wire and bend it towards you to form a loop. Your dangle is complete. Create eight to ten dangles of each color. You should have approximately 100 crystal dangles.

After laying out your color story, connect your dangles to the joined chains. Using the chain nose pliers, open the 4mm jump rings, add dangle and attach to alternating links on the chains, then close jump rings.

Double up the 6mm jump rings and create extensions to either end of the bracelet. Add a lobster claw and jump ring to opposite ends.


Plan your color story. You will use approximately ten crystals per color on the bracelet, a total of approximately 100 crystals. You can adjust your colors as desired. Lay out the crystals in the color pattern required before attaching to the bracelet. Also, add or subtract 6mm jump rings to either end of the joined chains to allow the bracelet to fit your wrist.