Crystazzi Diamonds and Pearls Bracelet
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Crystazzi Diamonds and Pearls Bracelet

Design a day that reflects your true bridal style. Make an impression on guests with this stunning, do-it-yourself diamond and pearl bracelet.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Sterling Elegance® Oval Link Necklace Chain (2 pk.)
  • Sterling Elegance® Rope Toggle, Small
  • Sterling Elegance® Circle Bar Connector (2 pk.)
  • Sterling Elegance® Head Pin, 25mm (6 pk.)
  • Sterling Elegance® Head Pin, 35mm (6 pk.)
  • Sterling Elegance® Open Jump Ring, 4mm (2 pk.)
  • Sterling Elegance® Circle Link Chain
  • Crystazzi® Round, 8mm (2 pk.) – Crystal
  • Crystazzi® Bicone, 4mm (1 pk.) – Crystal
  • Crystazzi® Satin Round, 8mm (2 pk.) – Light Smoke
  • Crystal Rhinestone Chain
  • Pearls, 6/8mm – White
  • Pearl Mix, 10/12mm – White
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Round Nose Pliers

Project Instructions

Attach a toggle clasp end to the center link of each chain using 4mm jump rings.

Use jump rings to attach each chain to the top loops of the circle bar connectors.

Use additional jump rings to connect the center link of chain to the center circle of the connector. Repeat for the second chain/connector.

Cut five 5½" lengths of oval link chain.

Using 4mm jump rings, connect the chains to the circle bar connectors, one chain per connector loop.

Make (28) 4mm crystal bicone links and (24) 3mm pearl links.

The links are used to connect the five chains together at the solid rings between the oval links. There are 13 sections. The pattern starts with 4mm bicones and each section alternates between the pearls and bicones.

Attach a rhinestone chain end to each end of the rhinestone chain. Connect one to one end of the bar connector jump rings. Zigzag the chain along the five chains, using jump rings to connect the rhinestone chain to the oval chains. Continue wrapping it. Connect the other end of the rhinestone chain to the other bar connector.

Make 60 drops, a mix of pearls and crystals, and attach the drops in clusters along the oval chain.


Techniques to Know:
Form a Loop
Jump Rings
Rhinestone Chain Ends
Cutting Chain