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Meet the people who dream up our frames and mats. You’ll be surprised and fascinated.

  They’re product designers and they’re artists. Like any kind of art that’s created, there’s a lot that goes into it.




“Inspiration can come from anywhere. We never limit ourselves in that way. It’s a constant thing.”


There are always new challenges and surprises, and that is what helps me grow. It takes a lot of focus, but it’s also a ton of fun. From trend finding trips to naming collections, no day is ever the same. One of my favorite things is seeing the full lifecycle of each project we produce. We work with marketing, we come up with the ideas, we design it, we produce it. Everyone who touches a frame design is invested in the same level of quality. It’s a great feeling knowing that we’re all focused on the same goal: making the best, most beautiful, most high quality custom frames out there.







“What people really love is knowing the story behind something, knowing the thinking, the reason, and the inspiration for how a work of art came to be.”

Most people don’t realize that there is a story behind every frame. That there’s a person, like me, who comes up with creative ideas, researches, travels for cultural inspiration and sketches concepts by hand – all so that a beautiful new design can be made. Being a custom frame designer is not that different from being a fashion or furniture designer. We research global trends and then come up with our own unique approach. My background in industrial design and art – I’m also a sculptor – has a lot of impact on the way I approach design. It’s systematic, meant to solve a problem, and also inspired by my own ideas and things I’ve learned from great architects and other designers. Everything we create here is from scratch. No other frame shop offers what we do. I love that I am always getting ready for what’s next, for that next challenge. And whatever I do, I always strive for the design to be a mix of elegant and simple. To me, the greatest sophistication is minimalism with carefully chosen, essential elements. And I hope you can see that in all the work we do here.


“Custom Framing is a very creative, close-knit world and a very rewarding career.”

I started as an intern and Custom Framing was all brand new to me. I had no idea how interesting it could be. Every day is exciting. I travel all around the world. Italy. Brazil. Asia. I attend furniture shows in Las Vegas, Florence, Rome. Being able to see the world and see how trends merge cultures is just extraordinary. And to recreate certain looks that we love, we sometimes have to be very creative. For example, we have a moulding that looks just like rich beautiful leather but, of course, leather is very expensive so it’s made of treated paper instead. I love seeing our ideas and inspiration come to life in innovative ways. No other framer can beat us at that. We’re constantly bringing the very latest ideas to custom framing.


“It’s truly amazing what a frame can do for a piece of art.”

Frames and mats go together like a dress and stilettos. You can’t have one without the other. The right mat in the right frame enhances the art, makes it an integral part of the piece. I have a true passion for paper; I’m always seeking different textures and fibers as well. I draw a lot of inspiration from paper stores, wallpaper sites and fashion, too. Mats don’t have to be made of paper; they can be silk, or linen or burlap. Even though mats are designed to keep the artwork away from the glass, there are so many wonderful decorative elements, like creative spacing, or adding depth to the piece. Years ago, before I worked at Michaels, I went on an incredible trip to Budapest. I bought 3 beautiful, simple prints for just $7 apiece, came home and had them beautifully custom framed. They hang above my bed to this day. When I look at them, they still bring me joy. Even though they’re just a couple of simple prints, they can bring me right back to that time and place. That’s how I know custom framing is powerful.


“To me, creating with your hands is just as important as designing with a pencil.”

It’s wonderful to watch an idea take form. I like to be right in the mix, my workspace is in the mill around all the forklifts and machinery. I have my own spray booth in my office, I sculpt with wood-flour and sometimes my jeans are covered in paint! I enjoy the innovation aspect of this work. I love the freedom to come in and create. I draw inspiration from anything, I see a lamp, or a chandelier, and I figure out a way to take a piece of that and integrate it into a frame design. I design by hand, with putty or substrate, just as often as I sit down and sketch a new profile. Michaels encourages versatility and creativity, especially with their custom framing. That’s why every frame you see is so unique, they all are created differently but go through the same workmanship that guarantees the highest quality.

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