Dapping Colorful Shadows
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Dapping Colorful Shadows

This statement necklace will add drama to any outfit. Amaze your friends and colleagues with extravagant dapping pieces.

Designed by Mary Feliciano.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Metal Sheets
  • Disc Cutter
  • Brass Mallet
  • Power Punch
  • V-Slot Bench Clamp
  • Adjustable Rings
  • Metal Blank Assortment
  • Texture Metal Sheet Mix
  • Cuff Bracelet
  • Micro Beads
  • 2-Part Resin
  • Sandpaper
  • Sharpie┬«
  • E-6000┬« Glue

Project Instructions

Part 1

Step 1 Separate out the following components from the packaging.

A. Two silver wheels and two gold wheels from the metal blank assortment; all four should be at least 1" size circle in diameter.

B. Five adjustable rings of any color.

C. One floral textured copper sheet from the texture metal sheet mix.

D. One copper tone metal sheet, one silver tone metal sheet and one gold tone metal sheet.

E. Five circle links to be separated from cuff bracelets.

Step 2 Punch out the following circles using the disc cutter in its appropriate punch tool size and the metal sheets from Step 1-D.

· Five pieces of 1" circles on the copper tone metal sheet.

· One piece of ½" circle on the silver tone metal sheet. Punch out the middle using the power punch to create a flat donut-like shape.

· One piece of ½" circle on the gold tone metal sheet. Punch out the middle using the power punch to create a flat donut-like shape.
Step 3 Adjust the five adjustable rings so that all are the same size that is about 7/8" diameter.

Step 4 Take floral textured sheet and punch out one piece of 1" circle on the sheet using the disc cutter. Using one of the wheel metal blanks as a template, draw an inner circle using a Sharpie®. Punch out one hole on the centermost part of the 1" circle. Insert saw blade on the hole and proceed to cut out the inner circle. Remove saw blade. This will be called “floral donut” throughout the instructions.

Step 5 Sand out the following components using a 220 or 320 grit sandpaper.

A. Front and back side of all five 1" circles from Step 2.

B. Front side only of five circle links from Step 1-E.

C. Back side only of two silver and two gold wheels from Step 1.

D. Back side only of floral donut from Step 4.

Step 6 Mix 2-part resin as indicated in instructions. Brush mixed resin on one side of the five 1" circles then place sized-up adjustable rings on the metal circle with resin. Let this dry for 24 hours.

Part 2

Step 1 When the resin is dry from Step 5, mix another batch of 2-part resin. Pour resin about halfway up on the five ring components completed in Step 5. Pour micro beads in with the resin and mix using the wooden stick that came with the resin pack.

Note: you may choose to add other beads at this point or use the flat donut-like shape made in Step 2.

Step 2 Brush mixed resin on the sanded side of two silver wheels, two gold wheels and one floral donut. Place the resin surface on the top as a lid to the adjustable ring component.

Step 3 Let part 2 resin dry for 24 hours.

Part 3

Step 1 When all the resin has dried up, glue the bottom part of five components on the sanded surface of five circle link using E-6000® or any glue preferred. Let the glue completely dry.

Step 2 Connect the components with your preferred chain. You may also dangle chains at this point to your preferred design.


Total drying time for resin is 48 hours.