Decorative Wood Birdhouse with Clay Roof
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Decorative Wood Birdhouse with Clay Roof

Decorative birdhouse delivers a warm home touch and is a delight to create.
Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Wood Birdhouse
  • Die Cuts with a View® Scrapbook Paper – Style of Choice
  • Americana® Acrylic Paint – Color of Choice
  • Tim Holtz® Locket Keys
  • Rub ‘n Buff® – Grecian Gold
  • Lara’s Crafts® Wood Dollhead/Knob 1" (4)
  • Nest
  • Sculpey® Texture Maker – Swirls
  • Sculpey® – Brown
  • Brad – Gold
  • Low Heat Glue Gun
  • Pasta Machine or Acrylic Roller
  • Glue
  • Small Piece of Wire or Transite

Project Instructions

Paint all of the surfaces of the birdhouse that won’t be covered with paper, including the roof. Paint the roof close to the color of the clay you will use for the roof.

Measure, cut and adhere the paper to the four sides of the birdhouse. Let dry

Roll out Sculpey® so it’s at least as wide as the roof of your birdhouse. Lightly spray the texture maker and stamp it into the clay. Repeat so you have the design on the entire piece of clay.

Measure the roof, and cut out the clay pieces to fit or you can lay the clay on the roof, then cut off the excess and cut around the chimney. Carefully remove the clay from the roof and bake according to directions. Let cool completely

Add decorative touches to the birdhouse. Paint the knobs and glue onto the bottom of the birdhouse.

Glue the roof onto the house. Let dry. Add gold Rub n’ Buff® to the texture on the roof and onto the key and lock.

Glue the lock onto the birdhouse as shown. Tie small piece of thin wire or transite to the key and wrap around the brad. Cut off the back of the brad and hot glue it onto the birdhouse over the hole.

Glue the nest onto the opening.