Deerskin Fringe Necklace
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Deerskin Fringe Necklace

Create this unique necklace using Deerskin Lace, a lace which is very lightweight and has some stretch, but is extremely strong.

Designed by Nancy Anderson courtesy of Silver Creek Leather.

Craft Time: 30 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Deerskin Lace, 1/8" – Buckskin (4 Yds)
  • Bead Landing™ Round Leather Cord, 3mm – Brown (22")
  • End Caps with Lobster Claw, 3mm
  • Large Hole Beads, 10mm (2) (Optional)

Project Instructions

Cut the following lengths from the 4yds of deerskin: four 4" lengths, four 4½" lengths, eight 5" lengths, four 5½" lengths, eight 6' lengths.

Lay the round leather cord on the table in front of you. Starting in the middle of the cord attach eight 6" lengths of deerskin lace using Lark's Head Knots, center on the cord. Tie two 5½" lengths of deerskin on the left of the 6" lengths and two 5½" lengths on the right side. Next, tie four 5" lengths of deerskin on the cord next to the 5½" lengths on the far left and next to the 5½" lengths on the far right. Next, attach two 4½" lengths on the far left side and two 4½" lengths on the far right side and then the two 4" lengths of deerskin lace on the far left and two 4" lengths on the far right side. You should have a total of 28 lengths of deerskin attached to the round leather cord in descending length from the middle. Make sure each knot is pushed toward the middle and is straight and secure.

Optional: Place a 10mm large hole bead on each end of round cord and move toward the center.

Place glue on the tip of each end and glue into the 3mm end caps and allow to dry completely.


Tying a Lark's Head Knot: Fold the deerskin lace in half. Place it under the round leather cord. The loop should be at the bottom and the ends at the top. Take both ends and bring them over the round cord. Then feed them down and through the space near the crook of the fold. Pull the ends to tighten the knot snugly.