Delicate Pearl Scatter Necklace
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Delicate Pearl Scatter Necklace

Ivory hemp and pearl beads give this multi-strand necklace a very delicate look.

Designed by Wendy Cooper for Darice®

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Hemp, 10lb. – Ivory
  • Pearl Toho or E Beads (150-175) – White
  • Pearlized 2-Hole Button, ¾" – White
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Project Instructions

Cut a 21 60" pieces ivory hemp.  

Hold all 21 strands of hemp together and make a loose overhand knot about 27" from one end. On the longer 33" end, separate strands into three groupings of 7 strands each. Use these three groupings to braid a 3"-4" section.  

Untie the loose overhand knot, being sure to hold onto the two braid ends. Fold all the strands in half (braided section will be at the fold) and make one big overhand knot (using all the strands) about 1" to 1¼" from top of fold. This braided loop will be the “loop” part of the clasp for the necklace.  

Now that necklace has been folded and knotted, there are 42 loose strands coming out of the knot. On each strand, slide on 3-4 white pearl E beads, tying on each one individually with a simple overhand knot. Scatter placement of beads throughout the strands so necklace has an overall scattered look. Be sure to tie some beads near the big overhand knot, and also tie some beads near the “unfinished” end, leaving the last 5" bare at the end for finishing-off the necklace. Helpful hint: Necklace shown has three beads tied on 21 of the strands and 4 beads on the remaining 21strands. Add more or fewer beads to suit your taste. 

Let all strands hang down. Take 2-3 strands and thread ends through the holes of the button. Position button about 3½" from the end of the strands and then rejoin this small grouping with the other hemp strands. Holding button in place, carefully make a big overhand knot using all the strands. Before tightening the knot, shift button so it is on the outside-middle of the knot. This will serve as the decorative and functional button part of the clasp.  

For a nice finishing touch, thread beads onto a few of the end strands and knot in place. Trim all ends so they are even.  

To clasp, insert beaded ends and button (and knot) through the braided loop at beginning end of necklace.  

Completed necklace measures about 16".


Any color Toho bead will work! Try with turquoise or silver. For a lively look, use several different colors.