antique gold
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antique gold

Item# cp0923
DESIGN MASTER® COLORTOOL® METALS are classic metallic finishes formulated with the properties of our versatile COLORTOOL Sprays. Quickest metallic color, dries in just a few minutes. These metallic sprays are safe to use on Styrofoam™ brand foam and fresh flowers and foliage. FAQs Can I apply a clear coat over metallic color? Most metallic finishes are achieved using dyed metal particles that lay on top the surface to mimic a metal finish. Some of these particles can slightly rub off in the hand. While applying a clear coat will add protection and durability, it will diminish the metal-like shimmering finish. For a scratch-resistant, durable metallic finish choose Design Master MODERN METALS. These sprays utilize special effect pigments to achieve the metallic finish while at the same time encased in a durable finish.
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