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Item# cp0861
COLORTOOL Spray is delicate enough for use on Styrofoam™ brand foam, fresh flowers and foliage, silk flowers, tulle, ribbons, lightweight fabrics, paper and foam board yet sturdy enough for wood, wicker, terra cotta, plaster, and most paintable surfaces. It’s ultra-fine mist provides color control. Apply color straight-from-the-can our use our simple application techniques to create unique finishes. FAQs How should I apply COLORTOOL spray on Styrofoam™ brand foam and fresh flowers? To ensure safe application on these delicate items be certain to maintain a spraying distance of approximately 18”. Are there metallic colors that can be used on Styrofoam and fresh flowers? Yes, there is a collection of COLORTOOL METALS that have the same Styrofoam and flower friendly properties. See their color swatches on the link above. Some silk flowers have a latex or vinyl coating; can I use COLORTOOL Sprays on them? COLORTOOL Sprays are not suitable on vinyl or latex coated items. If sprayed directly onto vinyl or latex the paint will not dry due to an incompatibility between the spray and the surface. However, prior to application, a coating of Design Master SUPER SURFACE SEALER will act as a barrier between the two finishes and allow it to dry. Are COLORTOOL Sprays non-toxic? Yes, all Design Master Sprays are non-toxic when dry. Be sure to apply the sprays in a well-ventilated area and follow the directions on the label. When can I repaint a sprayed surface? Recoat at ANY time. Design Master Sprays are modified lacquer-based products. As additional coats are applied they re-solubilize the previous painted layers to bond together, not just sit on top of one another. How do you clean up or remove DESIGN MASTER Sprays? Use a solvent such as acetone or paint thinner to remove Design Master sprays.
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