Donna Dewberry and the One Stroke Painting Technique


Donna's Story

A native Floridian and mother of seven, Donna Dewberry has been involved with arts and crafts for more than 25 years. She began decorative painting, she says, because she wanted to, not necessarily because she had talent. She started with what she calls dot painting, which uses the end of the brush handle, but she eventually got up the courage to use the bristle end of the brush. After many evenings at her dining room table teaching herself to paint, Donna developed Folk Art® One Stroke™, a technique for stress-free decorative painting.

Donna and One Stroke™ soon gained a strong following. People around the world loved One Stroke because of its simple, methodical approach to painting. Even people who had never before picked up a brush felt comfortable trying and mastering Donna's step-by-step painting method. One Stroke concentrates on loading the brush rather than the theory of light and dark, shading and highlighting.

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