Double Leather & Rhinestone Wrapped Bracelet
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Double Leather & Rhinestone Wrapped Bracelet

Accessorize the summer with Bead Landing™! Designed by Mykeall Shepherd.
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Bead Landing™ Leather Cord - Brown
  • Bead Landing™ Chain - Rhinestone
  • Bead Landing™ Chain - Silver
  • Bead Landing™ Lobster Clasp - Silver
  • Bead Landing™ Jump Rings - Silver
  • E-6000® Glue

Project Instructions

Step 1 Gather the Bead Landing™ brown leather cord, two strands of the Bead Landing™ rhinestone chain, and E-6000® glue. Hook a jump ring through the loop of both rhinestone chains.

Step 2 Holding the two pieces of chain side-by-side, add a drop of E-6000® glue on the back of the first rhinestone of both strands. Now add the brown leather cord and press firmly into the glue until secured.

Step 3 Begin to wrap the brown leather cord around both of rhinestone strands.

Step 4 Continue wrapping while checking bracelet for fit around the wrist.

Step 5 When you have reached the desired length or the end of the rhinestone chain, trim the brown leather and repeat Step 2 to secure the end.

Step 6 Hook a jump ring through the loop of both ends of the rhinestone chains.

Step 7 Gather the Bead Landing™ silver lobster clasp and a few jump rings. On one end of the bracelet, add a jump ring and the lobster clasp. On the other end add a few more jump rings.