Drop Chain Pendant Necklace
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Drop Chain Pendant Necklace

Amp up your style with a fashionable variation on paracord! Choose your color, and add chain and a pendant of your choosing to make this trend your own.

Design & instructions courtesy of Parachute Cord Craft, from Design Originals, an imprint of Fox Chapel Publishing. For more ideas and instructions, find this book in-store or click the image below to buy online.

Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Parachute Cord, small

Parachute Cord


Material List

  • Paracord, 325 Gauge (6')
  • Chain – Silver-tone (9"–10"; 2 Lengths)
  • Lobster Clasp and Ring Closure – Silver-tone
  • Jump Ring, 8-10mm – Silver-tone
  • Pendant – Style of Choice
  • Lighter or Match (Optional)

Project Instructions

Step 1 Center the length of cord on one end of the chain (Figure 1).

Figure 1:

Step 2 Follow Figures 2–7 to form the loop weave.

Figure 2:

Figure 3:

Figure 4:

Figure 5:

Figure 6:

Figure 7:

Step 3 Repeat the loop weave pattern (Figures 2–7) until only a small amount of cord remains. To complete the necklace, pass the free end of the cord through the end link of the remaining chain and down through the final loop in the cord (Figure 8).

Figure 8:

Step 4 Tighten the final loop. Trim away the excess cord and melt the ends to secure it in place (Figure 9).

Figure 9:

Step 5 Center the pendant on the length of woven parachute cord, and attach it using the jump ring (Figure 10). Finish the necklace by attaching the clasp closure to one end of the chain (Figure 11).

Figure 10:

Figure 11:


Adult supervision is required if you're planning to use flame to melt the ends of the paracord!