Dropping Pools Necklace
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Dropping Pools Necklace

Take your dapping tools and have fun fashioning a gorgeous pendant necklace.

Designed by Mary Feliciano for Horizon Group USA.


Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Dapping Tools Safety Goggles Clear
  • Dapping Tools Shears Blk
  • Dapping Tools Bench Blk Steel Silver
  • Dapping Tools Dapping Block Rubber Blk
  • Dapping Tools Textured Hammer Nat
  • Dapping Tools Wood Dapping Block Nat
  • Dapping Tools Ring Mandrell Wd Handle Silver
  • Dapping Tools Steel Hole Punch Silver
  • Dapping Tools Ball Peen Hammer 4 Oz. Nat
  • Dapping Tools Long Nose Pliers Blk
  • Dapping Tools Forming Pliers Blk
  • Dapping Tools Center Punch Silver
  • Dapping Tools Circle Sre Mtl Blanks Multi
  • Dapping Tools Shape Metal Blanks Multi
  • Dapping Tools Rivet Mix Multi
  • Dapping Tools Metal Sheets Multi
  • Resin (2-Part Mix)
  • Blue Mica Powder

Project Instructions

Wear your safety goggles before handling dapping tools.


Take one large silver round blank, place it on your steel bench block, hold metal blank with your long nose pliers and hammer using your textured hammer. Repeat to make three pieces. Punch one hole directly across the existing hole on two of the textured blanks. These pieces will now be called textured blank(s).


Take one silver donut shaped metal blank.  Place it where it fits on your wood dapping block and hammer to form a concave shape. Repeat to make three pieces. These will now be called concave donut(s).


Mix a 1:1 portion of resin and hardener. Put a pinch size of blue mica powder (sold at Michaels Stores).   


Take one textured blank and one concave donut. Place the concave donut on top of the textured blank so that the widest part of the donut is flatly touching the textured blank. Pour in your resin mix through the middle opening of the donut until you have filled to the top of the concave donut. Make three sets using the rest of your textured blanks and concave donuts. Let all three sit to dry overnight.


Using your round nose pliers, attach a jump ring through each of the two holes on one pendant. Open one jump ring enough to attach to your necklace.


Take the second pendant with two holes and thread one hole  through the second  jump ring on the first pendant. Attach a jump ring through the remaining hole on the second pendant and attach the final pendant to the remaining jump ring on the second pendant. Your pendants should now hang perpendicularly.


Your necklace is now complete.