Duck Tape® Bridal Shower Shoes
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Duck Tape® Bridal Shower Shoes

Here is a fun altered pair of shoes to dress up your bride-to-be for her wedding shower!

Designed by Celeste Crockett, courtesy of DCWV®.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Duck® Brand Duct Tape, small

Duck® Brand Duct Tape


Material List

  • Recollections™ Paper Pad, 12"x12" – Femme Fatale
  • Recollections™ Large Adhesive Rhinestones
  • Recollections™ Rectangular Adhesive Rhinestones
  • Ribbon, 5/8" – Black with Silver Dots
  • Ribbon, ½" – Silver
  • Wedding Petals – Hot Pink
  • Duck Tape® – Pink Zebra
  • Shoes
  • Low Heat Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Craft Knife
  • Bone Folder (or Butter Knife)
  • Pattern (download button below)

Project Instructions

Clean shoes of any dirt or oil and clip any loose threads.

Begin covering the first shoe with Duck Tape®, working from the back of the shoe to the front. You can lay the tape the same direction so that the pattern is continuous, or in differing patterns.

When you have covered your desired sections, take a bone folder (or butter knife) and use it to press the tape into the space between the body of the shoe and the sole of the shoe. Trim any excess with your craft knife.

Print out the pattern below. Cut out. Trace this onto the back of your desired print twice and cut out both flowers.

Select seven petals from your box of rose petals. Cut ½" off the bottom and using scissors, and round off the edges. Take your first petal, adhere hot glue on the end and add your next petal. Continue adding petals to your arrangement, securing with the hot glue, until you have a flower formation.

Cut a 4¼" piece of black dot ribbon. Bend this in half and put it underneath your flower petal grouping. Adhere with hot glue. Cut a 3¼" piece of silver ribbon and fold this in half. Tie a knot and adhere the ends to the bottom of the flower, diagonally from where you adhered the black ribbon. Clip the ends of the black ribbon towards the center in a “w” shape. Repeat to make an additional flower.

Referring to the picture, adhere your flowers, one each, to their respective shoes slightly above the toe. Add a paper flower to the center of each and a large rhinestone to the center of each paper flower.

Finish off the shoes by tying a bow from the black ribbon with the silver dots to go on the back of your shoes. Adhere these directly to the back of shoe with hot glue. Embellish the shoes by adding any additional decoration.


When your pattern doesn’t have the right seams, don’t be afraid to put an additional piece down in the places where needed.