Duck Tape® Dog T-shirt Costume
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Duck Tape® Dog T-shirt Costume

Halloween costumes can be quick and easy! Make this fun Dog from duck tape and t-shirts!

Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Duck® Brand Duct Tape, small

Duck® Brand Duct Tape


Material List

  • T-shirt, Youth Large - Black
  • Felt - Cashmere Tan
  • Duck Tape® Roll - Cookie Dough
  • Duck Tape® Sheets - Midnight Madness, Cha Cha Cherry & Winking White
  • Cording, Trim - Gold
  • Fusible Web
  • Scissors
  • Iron
  • Pattern printed from

Project Instructions

Cut out dog spot shapes out of the cashmere tan felt.

Repeat Step 1 but this time from fusible web.

Using a towel in between iron and fusible web, iron together. Position on T-shirt and iron onto shirt using the towel between felt and iron. Follow directions on fusible web for more detail.

Create a sheet of double-sided Duck Tape® by laying 7 pieces of Cookie Dough Duck Tape® together, about 12" long. Repeat process by laying 7 more pieces on top. Cut out the shape of the dog head.

Using Midnight Madness sheet, cut out the ears and stick to the dog face.

Cut out the dog nose in Midnight Madness and attach to face. Make slits under nose.

Cut out Winking White eyes and stick to face. Cut out a round hole for the eyes in the mask.

Following the pattern for the nose, cut out the triangular shape and stick to the face. Cut out a hole for the mouth.


Want to be a kitty instead of a puppy? Change the colors and cut the mask to a different shape! Use your imagination!