Duck Tape® Funky Fairy T-shirt Costume
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Duck Tape® Funky Fairy T-shirt Costume

Halloween costumes can be quick and easy! Tie Dye and Pony Beads make a quick and easy Fairy Costume!
Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • (2) T-shirts, Youth - White
  • T-shirt, Youth - Hot Pink
  • Tulip® Tie-Dye Kit
  • Pony Beads - Assorted Colors
  • Celebrate It® Tulle - Lime Green, Light Pink & Hot Pink
  • Recollections™ Mulberry Paper Flowers
  • Recollecctions™ Boutique Flowers
  • Ribbon, Thin - Color of Choice
  • Creatology™ Tutu - Pink
  • Crop-a-dile™ Tool
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Low Heat Glue Gun

Project Instructions

Begin with dyeing two white T-shirts with tie-dye kit, keeping colors bright. For dyeing, follow directions on package.

Keep one dyed shirt as the top for the Funky Fairy. Use the other T-shirt as your fabric to create the rest of the costume.

To create the arm sleeves, cut apart one of the dyed shirts so it is a flat piece of fabric. Measure the arm from elbow to fingertips and cut two strips to fit, one per arm.

Fold over the top and glue a tube for some ribbon to slide in. This will allow you to tighten the sleeve on your arm.

Use a Crop-a-dial™ to punch holes along the edge of the sleeves approximately 1" apart for lacing. Match up the holes when punching out.

Cut 4 strips of hot pink T-shirt approximately 1"x12".

Tie two strips together.

Using the hot pink strip, lace up the holes beginning at the wrist end and finishing at the top of the sleeve. (This lacing is similar to lacing your shoes.) Once finished, tie a knot on the top.

Use scissors to cut strips of fringe along the wrist area. This will hang over the top of the hand.

Repeat Steps 4-8 for second sleeve.

For the tutu, thread 3 pony beads on each fringe layer of the tutu varying the colors. Tie a knot at the end to hold beads.

For the scarf, cut a one yard piece of tulle in light pink, hot pink and lime green. Tie a knot approximately every 12".

Cut two 6" pieces of tulle, bunch each one and push them through two of the paper flowers. Use the back end of the flower tulle to tie in the end knots.

Cut another 8" piece of green tulle to tie around the flowers to create leaves.

For the headband, cut 3 long strips of T-shirt to fit around head, 2 in tie dye and 1 in hot pink. Tie one end and begin braiding tight. Tie the finished end. Hot glue a paper flower to the headband.


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