Duck Tape® Witch Costume & Hat
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Duck Tape® Witch Costume & Hat

Halloween costumes can be quick and easy! Use a t-shirt and duck tape to make a fun Witch costume!

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Duck® Brand Duct Tape, small

Duck® Brand Duct Tape


Material List

  • T-shirt, Youth - Black
  • T-shirt, Large - Purple
  • Duck Tape® Roll - Midnight Madness and Blaze Orange
  • Duck Tape® Sheet - Midnight Madness, Winking White, Blaze Orange & Purple Duchess
  • (2) pieces of Scrapbook Paper - Color of Choice
  • Scissors

Project Instructions


Use a child's size black T-shirt and large purple t-shirt.

Use black Duck Tape® to pucker up the top sleeves.

Take large purple t-shirt and cut off sleeves and neck to create an open cut square. Cut points in half to make a fringe.

Lay strait bottom of purple shirt into the bottom of the black t-shirt. Pucker the purple shirt to fit and use orange Duck Tape® to tape together. Continue taping a belt approximately 4" thick. Create a "V" shape to the belt when taping.

Use a sheet of black Duck Tape® and cut out shapes to make a spider and stitch to the belt. Add white circles and black circles to make the eyes. Cut out approximately 12 black circles to place around waist band for decoration.

Use a sheet of Blaze Orange Duck Tape® and cut stripes about ¼" thick to make an "X" down the front. Put orange circles on the "X".


Use a large sheet of paper to roll into a cone. Cut the bottom strait.

Take another large sheet of paper and draw a large circle. Cut out a circle in the middle and slide the hat over the ring. Tape the hat to the ring.

Begin to place Duck Tape® over the entire hat. Tape all the hat and the bottom of the rim.

Use a sheet of purple and cut strips approximately ½" and wrap around hat and make a buckle.