Australia: Duck Tape® Kangaroo Pouch
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Australia: Duck Tape® Kangaroo Pouch

Did you know a baby kangaroo is called a joey and lives in its mama's pouch? Make your own with Duck Tape® and a little construction paper.
Age Range: 6-8
Craft Time: Under 30 mins
Messy Rating:
1 2 3 4 5
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Duck® Brand Duct Tape


Material List

  • Duck Tape® Roll – Cookie Dough
  • Construction Paper – Tan
  • Pattern Printed from
  • Scissors
  • Bead Landing™ Pin Back

Project Instructions

Step 1 Create a sheet of Cookie Dough Duck Tape® by overlapping three 12" strips. Repeat for a second sheet and then attach sheets to each other, sticky side to sticky side.

Step 2 Cut out patterns.

Step 3 Trace pouch onto one side of the sheet created in Step 1. Cut out.

Step 4 Fold at 3" as shown and use Duck Tape® to secure on each side, creating a pouch.

Step 5 Trace kangaroo pattern onto tan construction paper and cut out. Insert into pouch.

Step 6 Use Duck Tape® to attach pin to back.