Easter Eggs Favor Box
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Easter Eggs Favor Box

Make this cute Easter Egg Candy Box to add a colorful touch to your holiday table settings, or as a quick and cute gift for “somebunny” special! Designed by Jean Kievlan for Don Mechanic Enterprises
Craft Time: 30 minutes
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Material List

  • Don Mechanic Mini Hinged Wood Box
  • Decoart® Americana™ Acrylic Paint- Snow White, Baby Pink, Lavender, Indian Turquoise, Cadmium Yellow, Lemonade and Hauser Medium Green
  • Loew Cornell® Comfort Handle™ Paintbrush- 1/2” Wash #4550, #1 Round #3000
  • and #4 Shader #3300
  • Loew Cornell® Brush Tub® II
  • Beacon Adhesives® Kit’s Choice™ Glue
  • Easter Grass- Pink
  • Jelly Beans
  • Mini Jointed Bunny- White
  • Powder Blush- Pink

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Paint the box bottom and inside bottom Baby Pink.

Step: 2

Paint the box lid and inside lid Lavender. Dot box top with Snow White.

Step: 3

Paint eggs around bottom of box using Snow White, Lavender Cadmium Yellow, Indian Turquoise, and Lemonade.

Step: 4

Add Indian Turquoise, Lavender and Cadmium Yellow stripes and Lemonade dots to White egg.

Step: 5

Add Snow White stripes and Baby Pink dots to Lavender egg.

Step: 6

Add Indian Turquoise and Snow White dots to Cadmium Yellow Egg.

Step: 7

Add Snow White stripes to Indian Turquoise Egg.

Step: 8

Add a Baby Pink and Snow White dot rose to Lemonade egg, then add Hauser Medium Green leaves and stripes.

Step: 9

Fill box with Easter grass.

Step: 10

Rub bunny’s cheeks with Pink powder blush. Glue bunny on edge of box.

Step: 11

Fill box with candy. Add silk flower blossom if desired.


Rub the bunny’s cheeks with pink powder blush.