Elegance Earrings
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Elegance Earrings

Elegant earrings for an elegant night out.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Sterling Elegance™ 4mm Open Jump Rings, 4mm (2 pks)
  • Sterling Elegance™ Silver Link Chain – Silver
  • Sterling Elegance™ Small Ball Hook Wire, Small
  • Sterling Elegance™ Twisted Double Link Chain
  • Platinum Elegance® Link Chain
  • Platinum Elegance® 35mm Eye Pins, 35mm
  • Rose Gold Elegance® Link Chain
  • Gold Elegance™ Cable Chain #1
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Round Nose Pliers
  • Wire Cutters

Project Instructions

Cut four 14-link lengths of chain; these will be used to link the earring wires to the eye pins. Then cut four 7-link gold, four 9-link silver, four 8-link platinum, four 9-link rose gold, four 10-link platinum, four 13-link gold, four 14-link rose gold, four 16-link platinum, four 18-link gold, two 13-link silver double chains and two 14-link platinum chains.

Attach a 4mm jump ring to each chain except for the 13-link double silver and 14-link platinum, use a 4mm jump ring to gather the two chains together.

Slide the jump rings onto the eye pin in the order listed above, from shortest to longest and back to shortest, to form a peak at the bottom of the earring.

Finish the end of the eye pin with a loop.

Using your thumb, carefully bend the eye pin to form a slight curve.

Use 4mm jump rings to gather two of the 14-link chains together. Attach a 4mm jump ring to the free ends of the gathered chains. Connect those jump rings to the eye pin loops.

Repeat steps to complete the matching earring.


Knowing how to form a loop is a helpful technique for this project.