Elegance and Afternoon Tea Party
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Elegance and Afternoon Tea Party

Don’t brew over creating the perfect teatime setting! Bonding those delicate papers and ribbons together is as easy as the pie you’ll be serving with tea, thanks to Aleene’s® Crystal Clear Tacky Spray™. Choose your favorite prints and colors, then spray away, knowing your guests will only see the tasteful décor, not the glue that holds it together! Designed by Duncan
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Aleene’s® Crystal Clear Tacky Spray™
  • Cardstock - 12” x 12” Black
  • Fiskar Border Punch and Hand Punch Slot
  • Newspaper or Large Scrap Paper
  • Sheer Ribbon - ½” Wide
  • Vellum - 12” x 12”
  • Paper Cutter
  • Small Papier-Mâché Box - 2¼” x 2¼”
  • Scissors
  • Design Paper - 12” x 12” Coordinating Colors

Project Instructions


Lay two pieces of black cardstock next to each other and overlapping to form a 12-inches x 18-inches placemat. This will serve as the base. Mark one piece where it overlaps and lay right side down on the newspaper to spray. Use a piece of paper to protect the area of cardstock that will not overlap onto the other piece. Using Aleene’s® Crystal Clear Tacky Spray™, spray the area and immediately place sprayed side down onto the other piece of cardstock to create the mat base.

Cut two, 3-inch strips of vellum. Use the border punch to make a decorative edge on one of the 12-inch sides. Spray the back and place one on each side of the black cardstock mat with the decorative edges facing outward and 1” in from the edge.

Spray the back of the decorative paper and place in the center of the mat.

Cut two pieces of ribbon 14-inches long. Spray the back of each piece and place half of the width on the vellum and half on the decorative paper. Wrap the ends to the back. Refer to photo.


Cut a piece of black cardstock 4-inches x 11-inches and fold in half to form a tent for the menu.

Using a computer or by hand, print the menu message on the vellum. This piece will be cut to 3 ¾-inches x 5 ¼-inches, and the print should start down 1-inch from the top.

Cut the vellum to the size above and use the border punch to create a decorative edge on the bottom.

Cut a piece of the design paper 3 ¾-inches x 4 ½-inches. Spray the top of the design paper and place the vellum over the top, making sure the top edges are even. The vellum should extend off the bottom edge. Spray the back of the unit and center on the tent card. Refer to photo.

Punch two slots about ½-inches down from the top and about ½-inch apart.

Cut 8-inches of ribbon. Weave it through the front holes and crisscross and pull back up through the holes. Trim excess on each side. Refer to photo.

Favor Box or Nut Dish

Cut a strip of the design paper 1-inch wider than the height of the box and long enough to wrap around the box and overlap ½-inch. Spray the back and adhere to the box with the width evenly spaced and fold over the bottom and to the inside of the box. Press with fingers to smooth out any wrinkles and adhere.

Cut a small square, the same size of the bottom, spray and adhere.

Cut a strip wide enough and long enough to wrap around the inside of the box. The strip should be tall enough to extend from the bottom edge to ¼-inch below the top edge. This will give a finished look to the inside edges. Note: If desired, a square of design paper can be added to the inside bottom.

Cut a strip of black cardstock 3/4-inch wide and long enough to wrap around the middle section of the box and overlap slightly. Spray the back and adhere to the box.

Cut ribbon the same length and spray the wrong side. Place in the center of the black strip and press with fingertips to adhere.

Napkin Ring

Cut black cardstock 2-3/4-inch wide and long enough to go around folded napkin and overlap.

Cut a strip of vellum the same size and use the decorative edge punch on both sides.

Spray the vellum and attach to the cardstock.

Cut ribbon long enough to wrap around and overlap. Spray and layer on top of the vellum and wrap in a circle and overlap. Note: if the napkin ring is tight on the napkin and it causes pressure, additional glue may be needed.



Cover an area with newspaper to be the designated spraying station and make sure there is enough paper spread wide enough to catch any overspray. Add clean paper often to prevent the project from sticking to the newspaper.