Embossing Tips
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Embossing Tips


  • For best results, use clear embossing ink or ink in the same color family as the embossing powder.
  • To reduce static, rub a used dryer sheet or anti-static pouch over paper before making impression & pouring powder.
  • Allow heat tool to warm up first, prior to melting powder; this helps reduce over melting and burnt paper.
  • Use a small paint brush to remove unwanted embossing powder specks before melting.

Embossing Powder Types

Detail Embossing Powder ; best used for stamp images with fine lines or a lot of detail

Opaque Embossing Powder ; best used for bold stamp images; great for covering a wide area

Embossing Enamel/Deep Impression™ ; a large granulation, clear embossing powder ideal for thick, deep layers; melt any other color of embossing powder over the clear.  Sprinkle several colors for a marbled effect.

PearLustre™ Embossing Powder ; uniquely bonded colors give an opalescence effect when melted.  Layer PearLustre™ powder over Deep Impression™ powder.

Tinsel Embossing Powder ; add a touch of sparkle to the embossed images.  Tinsel powders have glitter mixed into the embossing powders.