Fall Carnival Bracelet
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Fall Carnival Bracelet

Bright colors and a mix of beads combine for a bracelet that is in style for any season!

Designed by Molly Schaller

Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Crystalloid Agate Slice – Amethyst
  • Dyed Agate Slice, 30mm – Purple
  • Dyed Agate Slice, 30mm – Aqua
  • Faceted Glass Rondelles (2), 6x8mm – Opaque Green
  • Banded Agate Round, 14mm – Purple
  • Banded Agate Round, 14mm – Pink
  • Banded Agate Cut Nugget, 14x18mm – Pink
  • Banded Agate Cut Nugget, 4x18mm – Black
  • Pearl, 7mm – Brass
  • Faceted Glass Rondelle, 6x10mm – Aqua
  • Glass Faceted Rounds (2), 6mm – Amethyst Iris
  • Bali Dot 4-loop clasp, 20mm
  • Jump Rings (16), 4mm – Gunmetal
  • Jump Rings (6), 7mm – Gunmetal
  • Eyepins (11), 2" – Gunmetal
  • Wire round, 12mm – Gunmetal

Project Instructions

Onto an eyepin slide 1 6mm amethyst iris glass faceted round. Make a simple loop. Repeat to make two 6mm amethyst glass faceted round links. 

Repeat step 1 using a 6x8mm opaque green faceted glass rondelle. Repeat for a total of two opaque green faceted glass rondelle links. 

Repeat step 1 using the following beads and making a link of each:

  • 1 14mm purple banded agate round
  • 1 14mm pink banded agate round
  • 1 12mm gunmetal wire round
  • 1 14x18mm pink banded agate cut nugget
  • 1 14x18mm black banded agate cut nugget
  • 1 7mm brass pearl
  • 1 6x10mm aqua faceted glass rondelle  

Open a 7mm gunmetal jump ring. Slide it into 1 hole of the amethyst crystalloid agate slice. Close the jump ring. Repeat for second hole. 

Repeat step 4 for both the aqua and purple dyed agate slices.

Assemble the links of the necklace in the order shown in the image, connecting each link using a 4mm gunmetal jump ring, and attaching the final link of each strand to the outermost loop of the 4-loop clasp with a 4mm gunmetal jump ring.


Refer to photo for project details.