Painters Family Name
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Painters Family Name

Duplicate the look of fabric on wood for that extra special gift! Simply trace and paint with easy-to-use Painters®!

Designed by Craft Marketing Connections, Inc. courtesy of Elmer's.

Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Elmer's® Painters® Opaque Paint Markers, Medium tip: Black and White
  • Elmer's CraftBond™ Quick Dry Glue Dual Tip Pen (optional)
  • 12" Rotary Trimmer
  • 5" tall white wood letters to spell name
  • 12” long white base to hold letters (one or two depending on length of name)
  • Fabric or scrapbook paper with design of your choice
  • Photocopier and copy paper
  • Graphite paper or pencil
  • Ballpoint pen
  • Toothpick
  • Paper plate
  • Red satin ribbon (optional): 12” length of 1/8" wide; 48” length of 1” wide (or enough to wrap around two bases)
  • White cardstock for tag
  • 1/4" paper punch

Project Instructions

Find design you like in paper or fabric. Determine desired scale of design and use photocopier to reduce or enlarge if needed.

To transfer pattern onto letters, use graphite paper or create your own by shading with a pencil on back of copy paper pattern, completely filling in area the size of letters. Turn over pattern with graphite-covered side down on wood letter. Holding paper firmly in place, use pen to trace over lines of design, pressing hard enough for graphite on back to transfer to wood letter. (Peek underneath to be sure it’s transferring.) After all has been transferred, remove paper pattern.

Follow manufacturer's instructions to prepare Painter's®. Practice painting design on extra copy of paper pattern. For very small design areas, pump out extra paint onto paper plate, dip toothpick into puddle and apply to design areas.

Notice that letters are painted with alternating black and white designs. Determine which letters are black background and set aside.
For white background letters, use Black Painter's® to paint inside design lines (making design black). Be sure to stop at edge of letters to leave sides white. (Note: Cover any errors with White Painters®.) Let dry.

For black background letters, fill in the opposite areas: Use Black Painter's® to paint outside design lines (making design white). Also paint side edges of letters all around. Let dry.

Insert letters onto base. (If desired, use CraftBond™ Quick Dry Glue Dual Tip Pen to hold in place.)

For tag, use 12" Rotary Trimmer to cut 2" x 3" scrapbook paper. Punch hole in one end. Similarly use graphite method to trace design on tag and use Black Painters® to paint design and write greeting. Wrap Base with 1” wide ribbon and tie into bow. Attach tag onto bow using thin ribbon, also tied into bow.