Fancy Wrapped Donut Pendant
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Fancy Wrapped Donut Pendant

Make a fancier wrapped pendant using Beadalon® German Style Fancy Wires.

Designed by Susy Garner.

Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Beadalon® German Style Round Wire 2.5 ft., 20ga
  • Beadalon® German Style Round Wire, 24ga
  • Gemstone Donut , 33mm
  • 3-Link Chain, Medium
  • 2-Link Chain, Medium (2)
  • Beads – Color of Choice
  • Jewelry Tools – Flush Cutter, Bail Maker Pliers, Flat Nose Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers, Nylon Jaw Pliers Ruler

Project Instructions

Flush cut and straighten a 30" length of 20ga Beadalon® German Style Round Wire.

Make a "U" bend at the center of the wire.

String a three-link length of chain onto the wire.

Cradle the bottom of the gemstone donut inside the "U" bend with the chain links hanging at the bottom.

Thread one end of the wire through the center of the donut (through the front). Then, thread the other end of wire through the center of the donut going in the opposite direction (through the back).

With one of the wires, make another wrap around the donut (through its center). Repeat this step with the other wire. Mirroring what you’ve done with the first wire.

Add a single chain link and wrap again making sure the chain link hangs at the bottom of the donut. Repeat with the other wire end mirroring what you’ve done with the first wire.

Make a few more wraps around the donut with both wires (making sure to leave some breathing room between the wraps) until the wires meet centered at the top of the donut pendant. One wire will be in front and one will be in back of the donut pendant.

At the top of the donut pendant, pinch the remaining wires together and with your bail maker pliers make a large wrapped loop using both wires. Do not trim the wires yet.

End the wrapped loop with both wires at the front of the pendant. Flush cut and make spirals with the remaining wires. (2" make a 10 mm spiral).

To create the zigzag pattern in the wire wrap, gently (but firmly) pinch one of the wrap wires between the jaws of your flat nose pliers and slightly turn your hand. This will also tighten the wrap. Repeat to achieve the desired effect.

Using the 24ga wire and coordinating beads, dangle the beads off of the chain links at the bottom of the donut pendant.