Fashion A La Carte™ Rose Lace Headband
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Fashion A La Carte™ Rose Lace Headband

The filigree backing on Fashion A La Carte pieces is extremely versatile. Items can be sewn on, glued on or attached with jump rings, wire or monofilament depending on the application.
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Fashion A La Carte™ Lace Elastic
  • Fashion A La Carte™ Flower Pom
  • Fashion A La Carte™ Small Felt Roses
  • Fashion A La Carte™ Acrylic Jewels
  • Needle & Thread or Adhesive

Project Instructions

Run Fashion A La Carte™ elastic band around the circumference of your head from just above the hairline, behind the ears and to the nape of the neck. Use enough length of elastic to fit comfortably but not tightly. Cut elastic to this length.

Sew or use adhesive to glue the two ends of elastic together, overlapping ends by 1". This will shorten the band snug enough hold hair without slipping.

Sew or glue one Fashion A La Carte™ flower pom over joined ends of elastic to hide seam.

Sew or glue three assorted Fashion A LaCarte™ roses on top and surrounding flower pom.

Sew or glue three assorted Fashion A La Carte™ acrylic jewels surrounding roses to mimic leaves.

Allow glue to dry fully before wearing.