Fashion Zipper Ear Bud Cover
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Fashion Zipper Ear Bud Cover

Make a cool cover for your ear buds with fashion zippers!
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Coats® Fashion Separating Zipper, 24" – Classic Camo
  • Coats® Dual Duty XP General-purpose Thread – Green Linen
  • Ear Buds – Style of Choice

Project Instructions

With the wrong side of the zipper facing you, fold the zipper tape over the ear bud wire with the ear bud exposed at the top. Carefully stitch the edge of the zipper tape in place next to the teeth so that the wire is covered, being careful not to sew through the wire. Stop at the point where the two ear bud wires are joined.

Repeat for the other ear bud and wire.

At the point that the wires are joined on the ear buds, sew across the zipper teeth several times to form a stop to prevent the zipper pull from splitting the wires. Below the joined wires, every 2" sew a bar tack across the joined wires attaching the wires to the zipper tape.


Requires basic hand sewing skills. Adult supervision is required at all times.