Festive Holiday Mantel
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Festive Holiday Mantel

Add a little festive spirit to your living room by decorating around your fireplace. Simple, quick and inexpensive ways to take command of your space by using Command™ Brand products to decorate for the holiday season. And don't worry about the walls and mantel; with Command™ Brand strips when the holidays are over the decorations will come down easily and without damage to your surfaces. Follow the suggestions below or let your creative juices flow... 'Tis the season!
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Command™ Hooks – Small Wire Hook/Utensil Hook, Forever Classic Brushed Nickel Hook and Poster Strips
  • Command™ Picture Hanging Strips
  • Wreath
  • Picture Frames
  • Holiday Cards and Decorations
  • Live (or Faux) Lush Greenery/Garland/Lights
  • Lightweight Wall Decorations

Project Instructions

Lay out your decorations and your materials. Match up your Command™ products to your decorations, making note of the weight guidelines for each product.

Clean the area before starting -- ensure the walls and mantel are dust free. Where Command™ strips will be applied, clean the surface with isopropyl rubbing alcohol, wipe gently and let dry. Do not use household cleaners before applying Command™ strips.

Take your large Forever Classic brushed nickel hook out of the package and separate the strips. Remove the red liner from the strip and press adhesive to the hook. Remove the black liner from the hook. Press hook to the surface and hold for ten seconds. Important note: for maximum holding strength, slide hook off, and press the base firmly for 30 seconds. Then slide hook back onto the base. Wait one hour before hanging the wreath (or other decorations). Follow the Command™ brand package directions carefully.

Use Command™ small wire hooks or clear utensil hooks to hang your garland under the mantel. Remove from package and separate the strips. (Follow remaining steps from wreath hanging example.)


Use Command™ brushed nickel hooks to hang your holiday stockings on the mantel. Remove from package and separate the strips. (Follow remaining steps from wreath hanging example.)

Use Command™ picture hanging strips to hang the picture frame. Remove from package and separate the strips. Press fasteners together until they snap. Remove one red liner from a strip. Then position one set of strips on the back of the picture frame and press firmly. Repeat. Remove remaining red liners and place evenly around back of frame. Position frame on the wall. Important: press each set firmly for 30 seconds. Grab the frame at the bottom and peel off surface. Do not pull straight toward you to remove. Firmly press all three areas of each strip for 30 seconds each. Wait one hour to mount frame. Press fasteners firmly together until they click. If item is not level, reposition.

Tips: Wait a minimum of seven days after painting to hang frames. If there is a paper backing on frame, remove it to attach fastener directly to the frame. Check diagram on package for recommended fastener placement.

Use Command™ poster strips to hang the holiday cards on the wall. Remove from package and separate the strips. Remove red liners and position strips on back of cards in the four corners. Press firmly. Remove black liners and position card on wall. Repeat with remaining cards.

Tip: Removal of Command™ strips: To remove strips, slide hook up to remove from mounting base (or grab bottom corners and remove frame for picture hanging strips). Never pull strip towards you. Hold base gently to prevent base from snapping fingers. Do not press base against wall. (For picture hanging strips lightly press top of strip and grab tab. Stretch slowly straight down along wall.) Stretch down along wall at least 12 inches (30cm) until base and strip release. See complete instructions and step by step icons on back of Command™ brand product packages.



Works for other holidays and celebrations -- not just Christmas!

Adult supervision is required at all times.