Fish Bowl
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Fish Bowl

A really fun and easy to do project that will bring out the aspiring designer in you. Give your fishbowl, aquarium or fish tank a bit of added style and personalisation by adding your own unique touch, using Valspar Frosting spray. Simply follow our easy-to use step by step guide and your tank will be the centre piece of your living space for all to enjoy. Courtesy of Valspar
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Valspar Frosting Spray Paint
  • Fish Tank or Bowl
  • Paper
  • Contact Paper or Photo Mount spray
  • Newspaper

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Take your clean tank or bowl and find a clear, well-ventilated area. For the purpose of our project we chose to use the name of our fish for the design but you can experiment with all sorts of words, shapes or patterns

Step: 2

To make the template for your letters you can draw them free hand or simply print the individual letters out using a computer. Use the print out as a template by cutting the letters out.

Step: 3

Place each letter on your contact paper and draw round it. If you're using a square or rectangular (flat sided) bowl you can make the mask as one piece. If you're using a circular bowl you'll need to cut out each individual letter, leave plenty of space between them as each letter will act as a mask as you spray. Make sure you keep the pieces that form the letter i.e. the centre of an 'o' as you'll also need to stick these down when spraying.

Step: 4

Lay down plenty of newspaper to protect the surrounding area. Carefully stick the mask of your letter to the outside of the bowl. Remember if you're using a circular bowl you'll need to do this one letter at a time to achieve curved lettering, pay special attention to the angle of the curve as you go.

Step: 5

Spray the Frosting about 4 inches from the surface. Two thin coats will give better results then one heavy coat. Make sure you have protected the areas of the bowl you are not spraying using your mask and, if necessary, newspaper.

Step: 6

Once the letters are dry you can move on to the bubbles using the same process. Allow at least 3 hours drying time before using the fish bowl.

Step: 7

Always follow usage instructions on the reverse of Valspar Spray Paint can. Do not use water to clean the outside of your tank; simply rub gently with a soft dry cloth. Frosting can be easily removed with warm soapy water if you want a new design!


You could also try Valspar Stained Glass paint in Red or Blue if you wanted some added color!