Floral Two-Story Birdhouse
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Floral Two-Story Birdhouse

Patio Paint allows you to bring your creative talents outdoors. Now you can enjoy painting outdoor pieces such as concrete, wood, terra cotta and stone. Your painted pieces will be permanent and weatherproof. Designed by Sue Callahan for DecoArt
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
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Material List

  • Patio Paint, Burgundy Rose
  • Patio Paint, Clear Coat
  • Patio Paint, Cloud White
  • Patio Paint, Concrete Grey
  • Patio Paint, Daisy Cream
  • Patio Paint, Deep Waterfall Blue
  • Patio Paint, Fiesta Yellow
  • Patio Paint, Foxglove Pink
  • Patio Paint, Pine Green
  • Patio Paint, Sprout Green
  • Paintbrush, ¼-inch Angle
  • Paintbrush, ¾-inch Wash
  • Paintbrush, No. 12 Flat
  • Paintbrush, No. 3 Round
  • Paintbrush, No. 5/0 Liner
  • Double birdhouse
  • Graphite paper
  • Palette
  • Stylus
  • Tracing paper
  • Water container

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Paint the entire birdhouse Daisy Cream; let dry. Use the pattern, stylus, tracing paper and graphite paper to transfer the design three times around the lower half of the birdhouse and the wreath once around the top hole.

Step: 2

Paint the stripes Concrete Grey. Shade the edges Deep Waterfall Blue.

Step: 3

Fill the angle brush completely with Sprout Green. Corner load the short bristles with Pine Green and the longest bristles with Daisy Cream. Blend several times on the palette and stroke in the leaves. Outline the darkest side of the leaf and the vein and vines with Pine Green.

Step: 4

Load the angle brush completely with Foxglove Pink. Corner load the shortest bristles with Burgundy Rose and the longest bristles with Cloud White. Blend several times on the palette and stroke in the back of the rose bowl. Add only Cloud White and Burgundy Rose to the dirty brush, blend and stroke in the front of the bowl.

Step: 5

Reload only Cloud White and Burgundy Rose for each petal. Create the skirt petals in the order shown on the worksheet. Pivot the brush as the petals are stroked in and pull the brush in on the chisel edge of the brush to finish each petal.

Step: 6

The last three petals on the bowl of the rose are done with the chisel edge of the brush. The stamen dots are Fiesta Yellow.

Step: 7

The blue blossom's petals are pulled from the outside edge toward the center. Load the round brush with Deep Waterfall Blue. Create the petal at 12:00 first, followed by those at 3:00 and 9:00. Fill in with two petals in between. Add the petal at 6:00 and fill in the last two sections with petals.

Step: 8

Add Cloud White to the dirty brush and overstroke a highlight on the petals at the top half of the flower. The center is a dot of Burgundy Rose highlighted at the top with Fiesta Yellow.

Step: 9

Mix equal parts Pine Green and Clear Coat. Apply mix over the roof, base and middle divider. While still wet, wipe away excess with a paper towel.


When shading or highlighting carry Clear Coat in the brush instead of water to ensure maximum durability of paint. Corner load the flat brush, blend on the palette and stroke in shading or highlighting as desired.

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