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These paper fold flowerballs can be made in many different sizes and be used in many different ways, including home decor, wedding, party decor and more!
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • 60 Pieces of paper, cut to desired square size
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue
  • Assorted Ribbons (approx. 2-3 yards of each)

Project Instructions

To help visualize folds, download and print instructions below.

Fold one paper square in half to form a triangle. Fig.1. 

With folded edge on bottom and tip of triangle on top, fold side corners up to meet the top tip of triangle. This should form a diamond shape. Fig. 2

Fold one side flap in half lengthwise by matching the folded edges. Fig. 3 Repeat on other side.

Open up both side flaps. Fig. 4

Fold flap tip down to make a crease, then fold back to tuck into flap. Repeat on other side. Fig. 5

Fold flap in on middle crease. Repeat on other side. Fig. 6

Bring side flaps together and secure with glue, this will form a cone shape (one petal). Fig. 7 You will need 60 petals for this project.

You will glue 5 petals together to form one flower. Fig.8 Start by gluing one petal together at their creases. Continue to add on one petal at a time, allowing glue to dry between each addition. Repeat to create 12 flowers.

Glue 6 flowers together to create a dome. Fig. 9

Glue ribbon to the flat side of one dome for decoration and to hang from.

Glue 2 domes together.


Paper squares can be any size depending on what size flower you want to make. However, to make an even ball, all squares need to be the same size for any one project.