FolkArt HD Waterside Canvas
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FolkArt HD Waterside Canvas

FolkArt HD paint creates depth and texture in this calm, waterside scene. Whether painted as a single canvas, or a series of three, the scene evokes the feeling of a quiet morning’s mist as the sun rises. Designed by Donna Dewberry
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • FolkArt HD Paint:
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Baby Blue
  • Burnt Umber
  • Clear Medium
  • Forest Moss
  • Lt. Periwinkle
  • Magenta
  • Pure Orange
  • Thicket
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Wicker White
  • Yellow Citron
  • Yellow Light
  • FolkArt HD Brush Set
  • FolkArt HD Palette Knife Set
  • Texture Tool
  • Palette and Paper Pad
  • Canvas

Project Instructions

Click on "Download Pattern" button at bottom right side of page for worksheet to use along with these instructions.


a. Load the #5010 Texture Tool (flocked, white head) with Wicker White, Light Periwinkle and Baby Blue. Using a side to side motion, cover the entire sky.

b. Pickup Ultramarine Blue on the same Texture Tool, and paint a straight line along the horizon and begin filling in the water line. Add a touch of Lavender to add variation to the water.

c. Using the Symmetrical knife in the #4330 Palette and Knife Set, load the flat underside with heavy Wicker White. Tap the canvas lightly to create waves and ripples in the water and clouds in the sky.

Background Pine Trees and Reflections

a. Load the #10 Flat Brush (from #4327) with Clear Medium; add a touch of Yellow Citron and Thicket. Paint the pine trees in the background by tapping lightly on the chisel edge - and build texture with the paint rather than flattening the paint.

b. Paint the same tree, directly underneath, but upside down. In this case, flatten the paint, as this is a reflection.

Background Land and Large Pines

a. Load the #4 Fan brush (from #4328) with Forest Moss and Wicker White. Tapping lightly on the tips of the bristles, paint the background land mass and then paint the land mass in the foreground (which will be the base for the flowers).

b. Using the same brush and colors, add a touch of Burnt Umber and tap lightly to create dark areas on both land masses.

c. Load the #16 Flat brush (from #4328) with Clear Medium and Forest Moss. Using the chisel edge of the brush, paint the large, transparent pine in the background on the left side of the canvas.

d. Double-load the #16 Flat brush with Thicket and Forest Moss. Using the chisel edge of the brush, and alternating the leading color, paint the large pine in the foreground (left). Occasionally, pickup Yellow Citron to add variation to the foliage.

Grass and Wildflowers

a. Load the #1 Script Liner (#4327) with any combination of these colors: Thicket, Forest Moss, Wicker White or Yellow Citron and paint the grass.

b. Load the #1 Script Liner with a combination of Autumn Leaves, Pure Orange and Wicker White. Tap lightly to make the orange wildflowers.

c. To make the pink and green wildflowers, load the #1 Script Liner with Magenta, Yellow Citron and Yellow Light. Add Wicker White occasionally to vary the colors of the flowers.


a. Load the #1 Script Liner with Wicker White, and tap lightly, using the tip of the brush to paint the daisies.

b. Dot the centers of each daisy with Yellow Light, using the bottle tip or the end of the paint brush.



Use the FolkArt HD #4330 Palette knives to create the heavy texture, reminiscent of oil paint, to suggest movement in the water, grasses and flowers.