Follow Your Heart!
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Follow Your Heart!

Follow your heart and fall in love twice. Once with him, and once with this cake. Courtesy of Wilton Industries, Inc.
Craft Time: varies
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Material List

  • Buttercream Icing
  • Cake Circles
  • Cake Knife and Server Set, Always and Forever
  • Candy Colors Set
  • Candy Melts®, White
  • Confectionery Tool Set
  • Decorator Brush Set
  • Easy-Glide Fondant Smoothers
  • Fanci-Foil Wrap
  • Flower Former Set
  • Heart Pan Set
  • Icing Color, Buttercup Yellow
  • Icing Color, Moss Green
  • Icing Color, Rose
  • Ivory Heart Tab Forever Boxes
  • Ornament, Sweetness
  • Plastic Dowel Rods
  • Ready-To-Use Rolled Fondant, White
  • Step-Saving Rose Bouquet Flower Cutter Set
  • Taper Candles, Always and Forever
  • Tip, No. 16
  • Tip, No. 18
  • Cellophane tape
  • Foam squares
  • Freezer paper
  • Ribbon, plastic, ¾-inch wide
  • Corn starch
  • Waxed paper

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Note: Always place a separator on the cake before you position any figurine or ornament. This protects both the cake and your keepsakes. For extra stability, secure your ornament to the plate with tacky craft tape.

Step: 2

Prepare fondant roses and bow several days ahead to allow for drying time. Divide one box fondant into 4ths. Tint 1 portion each rose, yellow and green; reserve 1 portion white.

Step: 3

Using Step-Saving Rose Bouquet Flower Cutter Set and Confectionary Tools, and following instructions in set, make roses. 4 full bloom in rose, 1 full bloom in yellow, 2 medium bloom in yellow, 1 medium bloom in rose. Do not attach roses to wires.

Step: 4

Make 20 leaves using rose leaf cutter, vein using small end of veining tool. Dust small Flower Formers with cornstarch and position leaves to dry.

Step: 5

Using pattern and reversed white fondant, make bow: Cut two ribbon loop. Brush a small on the short ends, fold ribbon over to form loop and press ends to attach. Crumple waxed paper and place loop for support until dry.

Step: 6

Lightly ice 2-layer cakes smooth in buttercream icing and cover in rolled fondant. 9-inch heart uses 1&½ packages of fondant; 15-inch heart uses 3 packages of fondant. Smooth using Easy-Glide Smoothers and trim edges.

Step: 7

Prepare cakes for stacked construction. Secure ¾-inch wide strips (plastic ribbon or freezer paper) around cakes sides and on fondant ribbon loops ¾-inch to 1-inch apart. Melt candy and lightly tint with yellow candy color. Crumple waxed paper and dab candy on sides of cake and on fondant ribbon loops. Remove strips before candy sets.

Step: 8

Using buttercream icing, pipe tip 16 shell top and tip 18 shell bottom broders. Position roses and leaves, securing with dots of icing. Attach bow loops together using melted candy, add leaves and rose. Position bow at base of cake; position ornament on cake top.


This cake serves 76.

See the current edition of the Wilton Yearbook for Cake Decorating for decorating techniques, cake construction methods, and information about products.