Fortune Rings Dapping Necklace
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Fortune Rings Dapping Necklace

Create an amazing statement necklace with a few simple tools and metal jewelry components.
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Metal Blanks (Brass)
  • Metal Blanks (Silver)
  • Super Fine Side Cutter
  • Flat Nose Pliers
  • Chain Nose Pliers
  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Rope Link With Square Rope Link
  • Textured Hammer
  • 4 oz Ball-peen Hammer
  • Steel Bench Block
  • Steel Hole Punch
  • Jump Rings

Project Instructions

Take two pieces of your earring pendant blanks in brass, one piece of your earring pendant blank in silver, four pieces of round metal blanks in brass and two pieces of round metal blanks in silver. Hammer one side of all these metal blanks on your steel block with your textured hammer. Put aside.

Take one diamond shape metal blank in silver and use the steel hole punch to punch a hole in the opposite corner of the existing hole. Insert a jump ring in each hole of the metal blank.

Measure and cut the chains in the following lengths: (1) 20-inch rope link chain, (1) 9-inch large round link chain, (8) two link pieces of large round link chain (one large and one small link).

Find the center largest link of your rope link chain and attach one end of your silver blank from Step 2 with the jump ring. Take one gold earring pendant from Step 1 and attach it on the opposite end of the diamond blank.

Working from the center of your necklace to the right: attach one large earring pendant in silver to the small chain link adjacent to the large link in Step 4. Next, skip one medium chain link and connect one of the two link chains from Step 3 to the next small link on the rope link chain. Attach one round metal blank from Step 1 to the next chain link.

Repeat Step 5 on the left hand side of the necklace. Take your 9-inch large round link chain and attach it to the middle most part of your 20-inch rope link chain with jump rings.

Attach a lobster clasp on one end of the necklace chain. Your necklace is now complete.


Remember to use safety goggles before handling any tools.