Fringe Benefits Necklace
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Fringe Benefits Necklace

If you use a chain with open links, you can use the excess links from the leftover by gently opening the links. Alternately, you can use a matching color jump ring to your chain. Designed by Erin Prais-Hintz.
Craft Time: varies
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Faceted Rounds, 14mm – Sapphire (14)
  • AB Faceted Rounds – Blue Gray (18)
  • Eye Pins – Brass
  • Textured Round Link Chain – Gold-plated (36" Divided)
  • Curb Link Chain, Small – Gold-plated (47")
  • Lobster Claw Clasp – Gold-plated
  • Jump Rings – Gold-plated

Project Instructions

Step 1 For the base, line up the two lengths of chain, and every inch or so, connect the chains using the leftover links from the chain or jump rings.

Tip: If your chain has different sized links, stagger the chain slightly before connecting so that it lies better.

Step 2 String a large sapphire bead on an eye pin and make a simple wrapped loop at the top, trimming any excess wire. Repeat for the remaining sapphire beads.

Step 3 Repeat Step 2 with the smaller blue-gray AB beads.

Step 4 Lay out your beads in a pleasing pattern.

Step 5 Starting in the middle, gently open the top link of a sapphire bead and attach to the center link on the chain.

Step 6 Attach the sapphire bead links to the chain on every other link or with at least an equal amount of distance between them, depending on your chain used for the base. Repeat for a total of 11 sapphire beads.

Step 7 Attach the blue-gray AB bead links to the chain in between the sapphire beads for a total of 12.

Step 8 Attach the remaining sapphire and blue-gray AB bead links to the center beads to form a sort of triangular effect for the bib shape.

Step 9 Cut the smaller curb chain into the following: (16) 2" pieces; five 3" pieces.

Tip: To cut chain to the same length, cut the first piece and string on a head pin or bit of scrap wire. String the chain on the same wire and then cut at the same place.

Step 10 Attach a 2" piece of chain to the bottom loop on the first blue-gray AB round. Connect the other end to the next blue-gray AB round link.

Step 11 Attach a 2" piece of chain to the bottom loop on the first sapphire blue bead. Connect the other end to the next sapphire blue bead link.

Step 12 Repeat Steps 10 and 11 for the outer beads.

Step 13 For the center, connect the bottoms of every other one of the beaded links with the 3" pieces of chain.