Gallery Glass Fishbowl
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Gallery Glass Fishbowl

Any fish would proudly swim in this awesome fish bowl, yet it also looks great holding candles. This project is fun and easy and can be used to hold anything!
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Gallery Glass® Leading Blank, 16051
  • Gallery Glass® Window Colors, Emerald Green
  • Gallery Glass® Window Colors, Orange Poppy
  • Gallery Glass® Window Colors, Royal Blue
  • Gallery Glass® Window Colors, Sunny Yellow
  • Simply® Stencils, School of Fish
  • Bowl, fish or votive, 8-inch
  • Markers, fine-point black
  • Palette
  • Spatula
  • Knife

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Transfer fish and bubble designs from stencil with marker to paper. Outline series of 4-6-inch seaweed shapes on second sheet of paper. Outline horizontal water on another sheet of paper.

Step: 2

Place paper patterns under sheet of Leading Blank.

Step: 3

Apply Gallery Glass Window Colors as follows for each shape: Fish - Sunny Yellow plus Orange Poppy, Seaweed - Royal Blue plus Emerald Green and Water - Emerald Green plus Sunny Yellow.

Step: 4

To mix colors, apply both colors to the leading blank and spread with the craft knife.

Step: 5

Let dry, and peel shapes from Leading Blank with a spatula and apply to the outside of the bowl.

Step: 6

Add water and floating candles.


Follow manufacturer's instructions for all products used.

The free form technique is a fun and easy way to create colorful designs on windows and decorative accessories: Simply spread color with a palette knife and cut out designs to create vibrant new looks with Window Color.