Garden Themed Checkers Game
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Garden Themed Checkers Game

Use Testors® enamel paint to create this charming checker board and pieces.
Craft Time: 60+ minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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Material List

  • Cardstock
  • Mat Board
  • Americana® Stencil – Jacobean Floral
  • Decoupage
  • Beacon Dazzle-Tac
  • Soft Brush -- 1"
  • Airbrush
  • Testors® Enamel Paint – Split Pea, Magenta, Tan and White
  • Craft Knife
  • Masking Tape
  • Self-Stick Rubber Pads
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Clear Glass Cabochons, 1.2" (24)
  • Square Clear Glass with Polished Edges, 1/8" (14")
  • Water Bottle Caps, Plastic – White (24)
  • Diamond Glaze

Project Instructions

Step 1 Print out four copies of the checkerboard template on cardstock. The template represents one quarter of the finished board.

Step 2 Tape the copies together, allowing a one-inch border on the four outer edges. The thin black lines indicate the edges of the playing board area. Once taped together, the playing area should measure 12" square. The complete cardstock template should measure 14" square. With a craft knife and ruler, cut out all the black squares.

Step 3 Spray the back of the completed template with spray adhesive.

Step 4 Clean the front and back of the glass.

Step 5 Place a strip of half-inch masking tape along the edges of the glass on all four sides, aligning the edge of the tape with the outer edge of the glass.

Step 6 Apply another strip of tape inside the first strip on all four sides. The two tapes should be touching. This will leave a 12" square of uncovered glass in the center.

Step 7 Create a 12" square from cardstock. Spray only the outer edges on one side with adhesive spray. To minimize the transfer of adhesive to the glass, yet still allow it to adhere, press the sprayed areas on the surface of an old T-shirt, then remove. Do this two or three times then stick the cardstock to the open glass.

Step 8 Remove the second line of masking tape you applied to the glass, which will expose a ½" margin between the cardstock and the masked outer edge. Spray the open area pink to create the perimeter of the playing area.


Step 9 Spray adhesive onto the entire back of the board template. Treat the board template as you did the cardstock in Step 7, pressing it onto fabric then applying it to the glass. Be sure that the edges of the template and the glass are aligned. The pink border will be visible in some squares.

Step 10 Spray the leaf stencil with adhesive and position it on top of the board template. The stencil is not large enough to cover the entire board so it will have to be worked in sections. Place the stencil over open squares and spray the glass with white paint.

Step 11 When all the painted leaves are dry, put aside the leaf stencil and paint over the leaf designs with green paint.

Step 12 When the paint is dry, carefully remove the template stencil.

Step 13 Spray the entire back surface with the tan paint.

Step 14 Let the paint set for 48 hours.

Step 15 Cut a piece of mat board to measure 14"x14".

Step 16 Pour some Diamond Glaze in a small bowl. With a 1" wide soft brush apply a generous amount of the glaze to the wrong side of the mat board.

Step 17 Position the board against the painted side of the glass. Let it dry overnight with the glass side facing up.

Step 18 Finish by attaching clear, self-stick bumper pads to each corner of the board.

Step 19 Print out the checkers images on a laser printer. Images printed on an inkjet printer don’t work well because they bleed when they come in contact with the decoupage.

Step 20 Cut out the round printed images.

Step 21 Brush the flat side of a round glass piece with decoupage. Immediately apply the image to the flat side of the glass.

Step 22 Brush the flat side of a plastic bottle cap with Dazzle-Tac and attach it to the blank side of the cardstock. Dazzle-Tac won’t darken the cardstock like some adhesives. Allow the checker pieces to dry completely before handling..