Gel FX Gift Tags
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Gel FX Gift Tags

Personalize gifts to friends and family with children's hand-made gift tags. Start a new tradition for the holidays to include the entire family!

Designed by Crayola®

Craft Time: Under 30 mins
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Material List

  • Crayola® Scissors
  • Crayola® Gel FX Colored Pencils
  • Construction Paper (assorted colors)
  • Coordinating Narrow Ribbon
  • Hole Punch

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Cut gift tags from your choice of construction paper. Make some tags interesting shapes as desired. Some tags may be flat (not folded) and some may be folded. If folding the tag, trim edges to make even, if needed.

Step: 2

Use colored pencils to draw pictures or symbols appropriate for the holiday. These might include birthday candles, Valentine hearts, rolled diplomas, Chanukah menorahs, Christmas trees and Kwanzaa benderas. If the tag is flat, write the name of the person receiving the gift on the front and write your name on the back. If the tag is folded, write the name of the person receiving the gift on the outside, and write your name inside. Include a short message if there is room.

Step: 3

Punch a hole in the corner. Tie a ribbon through the hole to attach the tag to the gift.


Use the photo as a guide and follow manufacturer's instructions for all products used.

The cutting edges of scissors are sharp and care should be taken whenever cutting or handling. Adult supervision is recommended with all children