Martha Stewart Crafts™ Gesso Primer
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Martha Stewart Crafts™ Gesso Primer

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Martha Stewart Crafts™ Gesso Primer is a water based, heavily-pigmented, white primer used as a sealer on porous surfaces such as wood or unprimed canvas.


On what types of surfaces can I apply gesso?

Gesso works well to seal, size, and prime stretched canvas and canvas floor cloths.  It also works well to seal dark stained, heavily grained, or dark knotted wood.

How shall I prepare the surface?

Wood – Sand smooth with fine grit sandpaper, wipe away sawdust.

Canvas – Wipe unprimed canvas clean with water moistened paper towel.

Should I shake the bottle to mix?

Yes. Shake gesso well before using. 

Can I tint gesso before using? 

Yes. Use any Martha Stewart Crafts Acrylic Craft Paints to tint. Squeeze gesso onto palette. Also squeeze a little paint separately onto palette. Using a palette knife, gradually mix medium and paint together until desired color is achieved.

What type of tools should I use to apply gesso?

Use a bristle brush.

What is the best way to apply gesso?

Brush onto surface using smooth, even strokes. Let dry.

Can gesso be used on outdoor surfaces?

Yes. Gesso is safe for any outdoor surface which will then be painted afterward, except concrete.

How should I clean my tools?

Clean tools while still wet. Wash with soap and water or with Martha Stewart Crafts Brush & Stencil Cleaner: apply cleaner; work into lather, rinse in cool water and let dry.


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