Martha Stewart Crafts Gift Box with Patterned Belly Band and Embossed Seal
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Martha Stewart Crafts Gift Box with Patterned Belly Band and Embossed Seal

Create a Patterned Belly Band for the envelope of a greeting card to make it extra special.
Craft Time: 30-60 minutes
Uses Recycled Items: No
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 Martha Stewart Crafts™ Scoreboard, small

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Material List

  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Scissors
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Ruler
  • Martha Stewart Crafts™ Cutting Mat
  • Fine-tip Pen – Black
  • Double-sided Tape
  • Adhesive Foam Dots
  • Cardstock – Mint Green, Aqua and White
  • Double-face Satin Ribbon, 3/8" – Red (1')

Project Instructions

Step 1: Follow general scoring board instructions to make a 3"x3" box with two pieces of 7"x7" Mint Green cardstock.

Step 2: To make the belly band, cut a 12"x2¼" strip of aqua cardstock. Wrap around all four sides of the box. Secure ends of strip with double-sided tape.

Note: Do not tape the strip to the box as band should be able to slide off.

Step 3: Cut a 12"x2" strip of white cardstock. Use the craft station and included template to trace the metric grid pattern with a black fine-tip pen. Trace at a 45° angle to create a diamond pattern.

Step 4: Wrap the white strip around the box, centering it on the aqua band. Secure ends with double-sided tape.

Step 5: Wrap the red double-faced satin ribbon around the box on top of the patterned belly band to complete the layered look. Secure ends with double-sided tape.

Step 6: Complete Embossed Seal project and affix it to the ribbon on top of the box with a foam dot.


Adjust the dimensions of the box and belly band to create a custom box for any sized gift.

Craft Notes

See Embossed Seal project to complete Step 6.

Substitute Steps 5 and 6 with a red double-faced satin ribbon wrapped from the bottom, tied with a simple bow on the top.