Gift Card Frame
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Gift Card Frame

Designed by MichaelsRewards™ Member Jessica B, this fun frame uses recycled gift cards and is easy to make!
Craft Time: Under 30 mins
Uses Recycled Items: Yes
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Material List

  • Recycled Gift Cards
  • Scissors
  • Craft Glue
  • Piece of Felt for Backing

Project Instructions

Cut the gift cards into strips. They do not have to be even in width, but try to cut as straight as possible.

Place the strips on the frame to layout your design. It is best if the same colors are not side by side. You will need to trim corner strips to accommodate the shape of the frame.

Glue the strips on to the frame, making sure they are all flush.

Add the felt to the back of the gift cards and frame to finish it off.


There is no right or wrong way to make this frame! Try experimenting with different widths to create different looks.