Gifts For Mom
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Gifts For Mom

Here are a few great gift ideas for mom, sure to make her day extra special. Nothing says “I Love You” like something lovingly handcrafted by you!
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Craft Time: varies
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Material List

  • For All Projects
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

  • For Note Cards and Holder
  • White Value Pack Cards
  • Cardstock: Lime Green, Hot Pink
  • K & Company™ Berry Sweet: Paper Pad, Felt Trim
  • Ribbon: Hot Pink Stitched, Multi Blue Stripe
  • Fiskars® Border Punch, Threading Water
  • Flower Brads
  • Decorative Pen
  • Terrifically Tacky Tape®
  • Ink Pads

  • For Card Making Gift Can
  • Large Clear Paint Can
  • BasicGrey Urban Prairie™ Paper Pad
  • Cardstock
  • Accent Depot Black Plaid Fabric Brads
  • Sulyn Sparkly Glitter Glue
  • Ribbon:
    Black with White Dot
    Green & Red Plaid
    Black Floral
    Multi Blue Stripe
    Black Sheer Dot
    Green Sheer Dot
    Pink Stitched
  • Tim Holtz™ Distress Ink™ Pad (Ranger): Fire Brick
  • Zip Dry Adhesive
  • Pop Dots™
  • Colorbox® Ink Pads
  • Cricut® Machine or Circle Cutting Tool

  • For Monogram Card Set
  • Value Pack Cards
  • Decorative-edged Scissors
  • Circle Punch
  • Inkadinkado Birds Galore
  • Alpha Clear Stamp Sets
  • Colorbox® Chalk Ink Pads
  • Black StazOn Ink Pad
  • Black Polka-Dot Ribbon
  • Pop Dots™

  • For Torn Paper Flower Message Board
  • Floral & Craft Ring (18-inch)
  • Kittrich Self-Adhesive Cork (18-inch x 4-inch)
  • Elmer’s® Foam Board
  • Tim Holtz® Distress Ink™ Pads (Ranger):
    Weathered Wood
    Peeled Paint
    Antique Linen
    Fire Brick
  • Small Craft Sponges
  • Apple Barrel Colors® Paint: Cloudless
  • Black Plaid Fabric Brads
  • Sparkly Glitter Glue
  • Ribbon:
    White Dot
    Green & Red Plaid
    Black Floral
    Multi Blue Stripe
    Black Sheer Dot
    Green Sheer Dot
    Pink Stitched
  • Colorbok® Paper Crush Icon Stickers
  • Tacks
  • Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Craft Knife

Project Instructions

Step: 1

Notecards and Holder
Cut a 5-inch x 7-inch piece of patterned paper and adhere to the front of a blank card.

Step: 2

Cut a 5-inch piece of the Berry Sweet felt trim and choose a coordinating patterned paper. Cut this paper slightly larger than the trim and use the border punch on both of the long sides. Adhere the decorative edge patterned piece to the bottom half of the card and add the felt trim in the center of that piece.

Step: 3

Repeat the steps above to create additional cards using other papers from the paper pad.

Step: 4

Bundle the cards with the envelopes and tie them with ribbon.

Step: 5

To create the holder, cut 8-inch x 6-inch and 2-inch x 12-inch pieces of lime green cardstock. Score the first piece 3-inches from each side, creating a 2-inch center piece for the box base. Score the smaller piece 3-inches from each side, creating a 6-inch center piece for the box base. Adhere the larger piece to the smaller piece so that it creates four side walls when folded. Cut two 6-inch x 2½-inch pieces of patterned paper. Ink the edges with an ink pad and adhere them to the large box sides. Cut two 2-inch x 2½-inch pieces of the same patterned paper and ink edges. Center/adhere to the outside of the two small walls.

Step: 6

Cut two 4-inch x 1-inch pieces of hot pink cardstock. Score and fold 1-inch from each side. Adhere to the walls of the box to create the holder. Line up with the patterned paper piece on the walls. Use Terrifically Tacky Tape® to adhere so that the box walls will be held strongly together. Attach decorative flower brads to the front and back of the card holder.

Step: 7

Create a pen holder for the box by securing ribbon around the pen. Hold in place with your fingers and gently slide the pen out. Apply a piece of Terrifically Tacky Tape® to the remaining tails of the ribbon to secure them together (be sure not to adhere the portion of the ribbon that the pen will slide into). Fold the ribbon over the box to the inside of the card holder. Secure the pen holder to the center of the card holder with a strip of Terrifically Tacky Tape®.

Step: 8

Add a decorative pen to the ribbon holder and place card bundle inside the box.

Step: 9

Card Making Gift Can
Cut two pieces of patterned paper ¾-inch x 12-inches. Ink the edges with an ink pad. Adhere the pieces to the top edge of the clear paint can. Trim off any excess and overlap slightly.

Step: 10

Repeat the same process, but cut the pieces 1½-inches x 12-inches and adhere to the bottom edge of the can.

Step: 11

Cut a circle out of cardstock to cover the lid using a Cricut® machine or circle cutting tool. Ink the edges with an ink pad and adhere to lid.

Step: 12

Tear four circles ranging from 1-inch to 5-inches diameter from print papers. Wad the circles up in your hand and gently unfold. Ink over the edges and wrinkles with Fire Brick distress ink pad.

Step: 13

Layer the pieces together and secure with a fabric covered brad. To create dimension, curl the edges of the torn circles with your fingers. Secure the flower to the top of the can with adhesive. Lightly apply clear glitter glue to the flower and the edges of the solid circle (just inside the rim of the lid). Set aside to dry.

Step: 14

Tie pieces of assorted ribbon to each side of the handle. Tuck some folded pieces up under the flower on the lid. Secure with Zip Dry adhesive.

Step: 15

Replace the plastic that holds the washer with ribbon. Knot it securely to one side of the handle.

Step: 16

Next, create a cardstock divider for inside the can. Cut three 6-inch x 6-inch pieces of cardstock and score down the middle. Stand the pieces on their sides and create a 3-section divider by gluing the cardstock together. Slide into the can.

Step: 17

Monogram Card Set
Cut bottom edge of card with decorative-edged scissors. Distress card edges with chalk ink pads.

Step: 18

Cut ribbon to fit width of card and adhere. Cut paper strip to fit width of card. Adhere below ribbon.

Step: 19

Stamp the monogram letter on cardstock. Punch out with circle punch and ink the edges. Adhere to card with pop dots.

Step: 20

Stamp additional images on card front as desired.

Step: 21

Torn Paper Flower Message Board
Lay the large craft ring on a piece of white foam board. Trace around it and cut out.

Step: 22

Paint the craft ring with Apple Barrel Colors® Cloudless paint. Let dry. Using a foam brush, apply a light coat of Weathered Wood Distress Ink™ to the edges of the ring.

Step: 23

Apply a light coat of clear glitter glue to the front and sides of the craft ring. Lightly dab with your finger to apply. If you wipe it across with your finger, it will streak. Set aside to dry.

Step: 24

To create the torn paper flowers, hand-tear circles from print papers in several sizes ranging from 1-inch to 5-inches diameter.

Step: 25

Wad up each circle in your hand then gently unfold, do not smooth out. Rub the edges, wrinkles and creases with the assorted Distress Ink™ pads. This will create a wonderful texture for your flower. Set each aside to dry.

Step: 26

Once dry, begin layering the torn circles. Secure each of the layers with one brad. Fluff up each individual layer and slightly curl the edges of the circles. Continue creating torn flowers until you have the desired amount.

Step: 27

For leaves, tear green paper in various size leaf shapes. Repeat the same process as the flowers but apply Peeled Paint Distress Ink™. To create veins, fold leaf in half and ink along the edge. Unfold and scrunch again to ensure good texture.

Step: 28

Apply the adhesive backed corkboard to the foam board circle. Trim off excess.

Step: 29

To create the message board, adhere the craft ring to the cork-covered foam board using a glue gun. Trim off any excess foam board if necessary.

Step: 30

Place flowers and leaves on the craft ring. Cluster and overlap the flowers. Adhere with Pop Dots™.

Step: 31

Add more dimension with ribbon. Cut several 4-inch to 6-inch ribbon pieces and fold them in half. Secure the fold with a glue dot. Tuck the pieces in among the torn flowers.

Step: 32

Snip the metal tips of fabric covered brads and secure in remaining holes on the craft ring using a glue gun.

Step: 33

Apply adhesive to the top of a tack and apply decorative chipboard. We used the butterflies, a flower and today circle.


Use photo as a guide and follow manufacturer’s instructions for all products used.